Race Info > Rules and Cutoff Times

Race Rules:

  • You must wear your assigned runner number on the front of your clothing in plain view during the race.
  • Headphones AND external speakers are prohibited in the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon.
  • Headphones are prohibited! (We mean it!)
  • You must be at least 16 years old on race day to compete.
  • Poles, walking sticks, and such are prohibited. An allowance will be made for visually impaired athletes to use a pole as an assistive device to gage the depth of step ups and downs.
  • Trash, cups, gel packets, etc. must be disposed of within the trash zones at the aid stations.
  • Do not run or walk abreast in pairs or groups when it will impede other runners.
  • No dogs, horses, or animals of any type are permitted.
  • Slower runners must stay on the uphill side of the trail so faster runners may pass.
  • In the marathon, downhill runners have the right of way — uphill runners must yield to downhill runners.
  • In the marathon, runners may change apparel/gear at the summit. However, the race committee will not and can not be involved in providing or transporting the apparel/gear.
  • As a participant in the Pikes Peak Ascent and/or Marathon, you are subject to drug testing pursuant to USADA standards and procedures, and you acknowledge this notification and your willingness to be so tested.
  • The Race Director, may, at his discresion, grant exceptions to any of the above rules to account for unusual or extraordinary circumstances.

Grounds for Disqualification:

  • Using a race number assigned to another person. Both the runner and the person who gave away their number will be banned from future races!
  • Wearing headphones or making use of external speakers attached to an MP3 or similar device (iPod, Smartphone, walkman, etc)
  • Failing to submit to drug testing if requested.
  • Un-sportsmanlike conduct.
  • Verbal abuse of other runners or volunteers.
  • Starting in an earlier than assigned wave.
  • Completing only the ascent portion of the Marathon.
  • Failing to comply with directives of race officials.
  • Cutting switchbacks on Barr Trail.
  • Taking oxygen prior to the completion of the race (even if medically necessary).
  • Throwing trash, cups, gel packets, etc. on or off the trail outside of the trash zones at the aid stations.
  • Failing to have your race bib marked by race personnel at the summit.

Cut-Off & Finish Line Closing Times

Intermediate Cut-Offs:

For your safety and that of the race support personnel, there are cut-off times (mandatory turnaround times) at Barr Camp, the A-frame, and, for the Marathon, at the summit. If you do not make the cut-off times, you will not be allowed to continue the race. There are no exceptions!

New for 2017

The Summit time cutoff for the Pikes Peak Marathon has changed! It is now six hours after your assigned wave start time.

Finish Line Closing:

Any one who does not cross the finish line by the closing time will not be counted or listed as a finisher. No exceptions! Closing times are as follows:
Ascent: 6h30m from assigned wave start (e.g. 1:30pm for Wave 1, 1:52 for wave 22)
Marathon: 10 hours from assigned wave start (e.g. 5:00pm for Wave 1, 5:10 for wave 10)

Cut-Off Times and Locations
10:30 amBarr Camp10:15 am
11:45 amA-Frame 11:30 am
6:30:00 after assigned wave start timeSummit6:00:00 after assigned wave start time.
Times may be moved up at the Race Director's discretion if he feels that the safety of the participants is at risk.