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In order to help alleviate course crowding, both the Ascent and the Marathon will utilize a rolling wave start. Runners have been seeded into starting waves based on their qualification times. The runners bib number defines the wave with bib numbers 1 through 199 in wave one, bibs 200 to 299 in wave two, bibs 300 to 399 in wave 3, etc.

With the exception of runners in the 1st wave (bibs #1 -> 199) who will start at 7:00 AM, to determine your assigned starting time, simply drop the last two numbers of you bib number (available on the confirmation list) and you will get the number of minutes you will start after Wave 1. For example bib number 645 will start at 7:06, bib number 1347 will start at 7:13.


Manitou Ave east of the starting line will be divided into three zones: The 1st Stating Area, the 2nd Staging Area, and the Starting Area.

As each wave departs, runners for the successive waves waves will be escorted from the 1st staging area into the 2nd, and then finally into the starting area. There will be signs at the start of each zone indicating what bib numbers should be in that zone, and volunteers will be available to assist runners with questions.

On-Course Cutoff Times:

For the Ascent and Marathon, the on-course cutoff times will be as follows:

10:30 amBarr Camp10:15 am
11:45 amA-Frame 11:30 am
Summit1:15 pm

On-Course cutoff times are based on the time of day and irrespective of a runner's start time.

Finish Line Cutoff Times

In order to receive a finishers jacket and be listed as a finisher, Ascent runners must complete the entire course in under 6h30m; Marathon runners must complete the course in under 10 hours. These cutoffs are determined by your chip time (start time -> finish time).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if I miss my assigned starting time?
A: Just join whatever wave is currently in the 1st or 2nd staging area. Then take a deep breath and relax. Your official time is based on when you cross the starting line. Whatever you do, do not try and cut through the starting area.

Q: What if I want to run with someone in a wave later than mine or just start a few waves later than assigned?
A: All runners have the option of starting in any wave _after_ their assigned starting time, up to the last wave. After the last wave of the morning has departed, the start line will be closed. Runners starting after the start line has closed will not be assigned a chip-based starting time and the timing system will assume that they started with their originally assigned wave.

Q: How will I know where my wave group is?
A: As your start time approaches, look for the signs posted with your start time. Also look for other runners with bib numbers in your bib number range. When in doubt, ask one of the volunteers in the staging areas (see map above).

Q: I feel that I was placed into a much later wave than I should have been, can I start in an earlier one?
A: Absolutely not. Runners caught starting in an earlier than assigned wave will be DQ'ed.

Q: Why are the on-course cutoff times not based on my starting time?
A: The volunteers enforcing the on-course cutoff times do not know what time a runner has started. Some runners in early waves intentionally start further back with a friend or family member. We do not want a situation where two runners who started at the same time arrive at a cutoff location, only to have one of them be forced to turn around.

Start Schedule

The following applies to BOTH the Ascent and the Marathon.

Bib Range Time
1 -> 199 7:00 AM
200 -> 299 7:02 AM
300 -> 399 7:03 AM
400 -> 499 7:04 AM
500 -> 599 7:05 AM
600 -> 699 7:06 AM
700 -> 799 7:07 AM
800 -> 899 7:08 AM
900 -> 999 7:09 AM
1000 -> 1099 7:10 AM
1100 -> 1199 7:11 AM
1200 -> 1299 7:12 AM
1300 -> 1399 7:13AM
1400 -> 1499 7:14 AM
1500 -> 1599 7:15 AM
1600 -> 1699 7:16 AM
1700 -> 1799 7:17 AM
1800 -> 1899 7:18 AM
1900 -> 1999 7:19 AM
2000 -> 2099 7:20 AM
2100 -> 2199 7:21 AM
2200 -> 2299 7:22 AM
2300 -> 2399 7:23 AM