Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon

2007 Barr Camp Donations

The Triple Crown of Running, Pikes Peak Ascent, Pikes Peak Marathon, United States Forest Service, and Barr Camp thank the following individuals for their generous donations to the Barr Camp Fund.

Money donated to this fund is used to improve and maintain Barr Camp. Barr Camp is half way up the mountain and has several cabins. Caretakers at the camp support the Pikes Peak Ascent and Pikes Peak Marathon tremendously by providing food, lodging and general help for the 20 or so volunteers that stay at Barr Camp on race weekend.

Thanks many switch-backs to the donators for going the extra miles with your generous donations.

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Report Information:

249 donators
Current as of 9/15/2007 9:41:21 PM MST

Total Donations: $2,807.75

Note: This is a donation list and NOT a confirmation list. Being on this list does NOT mean you are in the race!

Double Thanks: Those whose name appears twice signed up for the Double and donated each time:-)

Name                           City                State
Achilles, Greg                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Adcox, Emily A                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Adcox, Jim T                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Aguilar, Fernando D            Albuquerque         NM    
Aguilar, Kathryn Karst         Albuquerque         NM    
Aldrich, Allan F               Jackson             NH    
Ambard, Linda K                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Ash, Glen L                    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Atkinson, Sheri L              Broomfield          CO    
Baily, Krista D                Heber Springs       AR    
Baumgartner, Eric Anders       Chagrin Falls       OH    
Baxter, Ed A                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Baxter, Fred H                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Baxter, Fred H                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Beck, Rene                     Lakewood            CO    
Bernardy, Jeffrey J            Lakewood            CO    
Bird, Michael                  Denver              CO    
Bleakley, Kristin J            Denver              CO    
Bohnhoff, Roger M              Highlands Ranch     CO    
Borg, Owen C                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Boroff, Coy                    Greenville          OH    
Brown, David P                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Brown, Nathan                  Littleton           CO    
Brown, Teresa Marie            Monument            CO    
Brown, Valerie                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Broyles, Renee Danielle        Fountain            CO    
Burhans, Jackie Laura          Monument            CO    
Buxton, Brenton H              Austin              TX    
Cameron, James D               Deer Lodge          MT    
Carter, Dawn D                 Bartlesville        OK    
Cassidy, Angela M              Fountain Valley     CA    
Cassidy, John P                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Chapman, Jeff M                Cascade             CO    
Cherryholmes, Kay              Wichita             KS    
Christensen, Lou               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Christensen, Steven C          American Fork       UT    
Christensen, Timothy           Littleton           CO    
Clegg, Claude J                Boulder             CO    
Cogswell, Susan B              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Cohen, Paul                    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Cook, Richard L                Pittsburgh          PA    
Courtney, John                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Crawford, Sandi Joyce          Parker              CO    
Cronin, Kathryn M              New York            NY    
Cunning, Gary M                Longmont            CO    
Cunning, Gary M                Longmont            CO    
Darilek, Allen D               San Antonio         TX    
Dealy, Matthew Edward          Colorado Spgs       CO    
Delbecq, Carrie                Austin              TX    
Delbecq, Carrie                Austin              TX    
Delbecq, Paul A                Austin              TX    
Deneau, Valerie J              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Drake, Marie                   Golden              CO    
Duening, Lars                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Earnest, Julie M               Boulder             CO    
Eichmann, John A               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Eldridge, Dale R               Fort Collins        CO    
Eldridge, Gary A               Campbell            CA    
Eldridge, Gary A               Campbell            CA    
Elliott, Jeff J                Wichita             KS    
Elliott, William Leland        Colorado Spgs       CO    
Elsner, Doug                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Estebo, Jan C                  Casper              WY    
Evers, Bob                     Park City           UT    
Farber, Seth J                 Brooklyn            NY    
Feehan, Christy C              Boulder             CO    
Ferguson, Donald Joseph        Colorado Spgs       CO    
Fields, Diana Christine        Boulder             CO    
Fox, Debbie S                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Fox, Kori Ann                  Jeffersonville      IN    
Fry, Will Robert               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Garcia, Scott L                Parker              CO    
Gearhart, Frank X              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Gelb, James Martin             Austin              TX    
Gibson, Bradford H             Manitou Springs     CO    
Gibson, Brenda                 San Diego           CA    
Gibson, Bryce A                San Diego           CA    
Gibson, Bryce A                San Diego           CA    
Gimarc, Charles E              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Gonzales Jr, Fred P            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Goodloe, Marilyn R             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Graham, Gretchen               Manitou Springs     CO    
Gritters, Ed A                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Groshong, Joe                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Grote, Richard A               Boulder             CO    
Guthrie, Robert N              Boulder             CO    
Hagan, Patricia                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Harris, Jamie                  London              CAN   
Harrison, James E              Wichita             KS    
Hartline, Sue S                Lafayette           CO    
Haynes, William B              Los Alamos          NM    
Haynes, William B              Los Alamos          NM    
Hein, Eric M                   Manitou Springs     CO    
Henning, Sarah Howe            West Palm Beach     FL    
Hinchman, Mark                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hogg, Douglas                  Santa Barbara       CA    
Howald, James W                Monument            CO    
Hoyle, Simon                   Houston             TX    
Huey, Mark C                   Boulder             CO    
Huff Jr, Richard W             Castle Rock         CO    
Hurley, John C                 Richmond            VA    
Ilse, Roxanne Rene             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Jackson, Jerry Robert          Colorado Spgs       CO    
Jackson, Kelly E               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Jagger, Linda A                Denver              CO    
Jagnow, Beth                   Los Alamos          NM    
James, Diana E                 Alamo               CA    
Jarpe, Geoffrey P              Albuquerque         NM    
Johnston, Spencer R            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Joline, Louis B                Lake Tapawingo      MO    
Josselet, Van J                Dalhart             TX    
Kahkoska, James A              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kamrath, Jody                  Santa Barbara       CA    
Kanters, Steve C               Sequim              WA    
Karp, David E                  Aurora              CO    
Kehmeier, Dean F               Crestone            CO    
Kehmeier, Jhon M               Broomfield          CO    
Keitz, Daniel M                Kyle                TX    
Keller, William                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kiemel, Thomas A               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kilroy, Chris J                Manitou Springs     CO    
Kinser, Dan                    Lakewood            CO    
Klees, John T                  Grand Rapids        MI    
Koerner, William C             Manitou Springs     CO    
Krillenberger, William J       Little Rock         AR    
Kuhns, Valerie                 Highlands Ranch     CO    
Kunkel, Ann C                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kwiat, Kenneth E               Evergreen           CO    
Lalonde, Chaz J                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Landry, Clyde L                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Landry, Clyde L                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Lawson, Michael John           Peyton              CO    
Lear, Thomas W                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Leavitt, Richard H             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Lee, Christie                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Lonnquist, Kenneth J           Fort Collins        CO    
Lowitt, Saul                   Sarasota            FL    
Luse, Dean C                   Manitou Springs     CO    
Mac Garrigle, Ellen Fain       Washington          DC    
Maiers, Shari H                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Malcolm, Tom R                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Maloney, Erin Kathleen         Loveland            CO    
Martens, Eric W                Los Alamos          NM    
Martin, Stephen E              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Martin, Vicki K                Colorado Spgs       CO    
McAfee, William D              Colorado Spgs       CO    
McCabe, Daniel                 Austin              TX    
McCaulley, Mark E              Steamboat Springs   CO    
McCullough, John               Littleton           CO    
McElderry, Tim L               Colorado Spgs       CO    
McFawn, Dave                   Park City           UT    
McIntosh, Ian R                Highlands Ranch     CO    
McIntosh, Jeff L               Colorado Spgs       CO    
McKee, Marissa                 Mulvane             KS    
McKelvey, James M              Black Forest        CO    
McKernan, Thomas J             Colorado Spgs       CO    
McMillin, Jamie L              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Menard, Melissa R              Denver              CO    
Meredith, Jeff A               Littleton           CO    
Meyer, Deborah L               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Meyer, Phyllis I               Monument            CO    
Mitchell, Brian B              Plymouth            MN    
Mitchell, Brian B              Plymouth            MN    
Molinar, Ricardo               Aptos               CA    
Moore, Dave C                  Sandy               UT    
Moore, Ed                      San Antonio         TX    
Murphy, Kelly S                Leadville           CO    
Myers, Randy                   Carrollton          TX    
Nedelcu, Ciprian               Brooklyn            NY    
Neyens, Kim                    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Nezvensky, Butch               Pueblo              CO    
Nichols, Ann                   Manitou Springs     CO    
Norris, William E              Elizabethtown       KY    
Norton, Russell S              Austin              TX    
Park, Richard L                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Perry, Sandy                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Petit, Moira                   St Paul             MN    
Pierce, Jeffrey J              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Rabbers, Eric                  Chicago             IL    
Rachwitz, Jeff                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Ramos, Juan David              Broomfield          CO    
Ramsey, Jack C                 Manitou Springs     CO    
Reese, Roger                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Reeves, Chris L                Boulder             CO    
Rice, Tom                      Wichita             KS    
Ricker, Charlotte Andrea       Denver              CO    
Ridolfi, Lori                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Rothe, Christopher Aaron       Colorado Spgs       CO    
Rutford, Kris                  Lincoln             NE    
Saugey, David A                Jessievielle        AR    
Scalfri, David E               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Scherrer, Stephen              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Schultz, Todd                  Sedona              AZ    
Seal, Catherine Anne           Woodland Park       CO    
Sellers, John K                Florissant          CO    
Seyer, Richard John            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Shuffield, Jim                 Little Rock         AR    
Shute, Ed G                    Canon City          CO    
Siegel, Thomas G               Ridgefield          CT    
Silas, Mark C                  Florissant          CO    
Simon, Gerry                   Woodland Park       CO    
Simpson, Allison L             Woodland Park       CO    
Sloat, Stuart C                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Smeltzer, Jane A               Overland Park       KS    
Smith, George R                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Smith, Griffin W               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Smith, Mark G                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Solis, Ray                     Aurora              CO    
Sova, Eric J                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Spohn, Daniel Jay              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Spriggs, Johnny M              Broken Arrow        OK    
Spriggs, Johnny M              Broken Arrow        OK    
Steele, Manuel                 Tallahassee         FL    
Steffens, Timothy D            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Stuckey, Karen L               Gunnison            CO    
Taylor, Joyce                  Little Rock         AR    
Tegtmeier, Philip Allen        Spring City         PA    
Thomas, Mark N                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Thompson, Kenneth E            Manitou Springs     CO    
Thornson, Ben                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Thurman, Skip                  Denver              CO    
Tongue, William L              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Tonsits, Peter A               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Tudor, Thomas W                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Turosak, Jim                   Denver              CO    
Ulrich, Jason                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Van Der Linde, Rienet          Colorado Spgs       CO    
VanGytenbeek, Richard P        Jackson             WY    
Vasil, Joseph                  Broadview Heights   OH    
Vernier, Joe B                 Sedona              AZ    
Vohland, John                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Walker, William (Bill) Harold  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Wall, Gary D                   Los Alamos          NM    
Wallace, Don A                 Manitou Springs     CO    
Watson, Michael                Dallas              TX    
Watz, Steve E                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Weaver, Beverly J              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Weaver, Darrell C              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Weichhan, Erich                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Werner, Bethanie               Sandy               UT    
Whipple Jr, Richard J          Morrison            CO    
Whiteley, Bob                  Denver              CO    
Wieland, Richard Alan          Wichita             KS    
Witherell, Kenneth W           Broomfield          CO    
Wright, Aaron R                Denver              CO    
Wright, Kelly Lynne            Denver              CO    
Yeager, Kay A                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Zacharias, Timothy Andrew      Cheyenne            WY    
Zurcher, Carol Eileen          Winter Park         FL    

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