Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon

2008 Friends of the Peak Trail Fund Donations

The Triple Crown of Running, Pikes Peak Ascent, Pikes Peak Marathon, United States Forest Service, and Friends of the Peak thank the following individuals for their generous donations to the Pikes Peak Trail Fund.

Money donated to this fund is used to improve and maintain trails on Pikes Peak, including Barr Trail. Your generous donation allows volunteers from Friends of the Peak to keep the trails in tip-top shape, making a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Thanks many switch-backs to the donators for going the extra miles with your generous donations.

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Report Information:

91 donators
Current as of 3/8/2009 8:08:17 PM MT

Total Donations: $1,747.00 not counting money donated at the Expo - THANK YOU!

Note: This is a donation list and NOT a confirmation list. Being on this list does NOT mean you are in the race!

Name                           City                State
Atkinson, Edward P             Broomfield          CO    
Atkinson, Sheri L              Broomfield          CO    
Ballinger, Penny K             Bartlesville        OK    
Baron, Gary Michael            Vancouver           CAN   
Baxter, Ed A                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Baxter, Fred H                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Bell, Robert T                 Germantown          OH    
Billek, Donna J                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Bjorklund, Lynn A              Ely                 NV    
Booth, Keith J                 Austin              TX    
Bossard, Jennifer W            Wheat Ridge         CO    
Bray, Larry A                  Elkhorn             WI    
Bressler, Todd                 South Bend          IN    
Burstein, Daniel A             Marietta            GA    
Cardin, Rita J                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Carpenter, Matt                Manitou Springs     CO    
Carpenter, Yvonne F            Manitou Springs     CO    
Coleman, Roger B               Atlanta             GA    
Darilek, Allen D               San Antonio         TX    
Davis, Larry G                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Eldridge, Dale R               Fort Collins        CO    
Evans, Mark                    Wichita             KS    
Fitzgerald, Robert E           Lakewood            WA    
George, Candace M              Dallas              TX    
Gibson, Bryce A                San Diego           CA    
Goetsch, Otto                  Bischofszell        CHE   
Goodloe, Marilyn R             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Goold, Scott W                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Green, Tim Andrew              Littleton           CO    
Haefele, Cheryl R              Topeka              KS    
Hall, Jeffrey P                Louisville          CO    
Helland, Elizabeth             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Henderson, Roger J             Boulder             CO    
Hewuse, Vance L                Hartsel             CO    
Hill, Jason                    Littleton           CO    
Hjelmfelt, Allen               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Howe, Tina                     Poway               CA    
Jaray, Ken A                   Manitou Springs     CO    
Lalonde, Chaz J                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Lambrecht, Greg                Natick              MA    
Lashley, Deborah J             Fort Smith          AR    
Leal, Gorka                    Hondarribia         ESP   
Lightfoot, Kelley A            Austin              TX    
Lucier, Herve A                Whitesboro          OK    
Mac Garrigle, Ellen F          Washington          DC    
Mahon, James E                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Martin, Christopher P          Pasadena            CA    
McCracken, Andrea Robin        Gainesville         FL    
McMillin, Jamie L              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Morris, LaRee C                Morrison            CO    
Morris, Ryan D                 Morrison            CO    
Moss, Lee S                    Salt Lake City      UT    
Murphy, Kelly S                Leadville           CO    
Muzzio, Jessica                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Myers, Patricia E              Clearwater          FL    
O'Kane, Shawn V                San Antonio         TX    
O'Neil, Jeff C                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Oppenheim, Mark A              St Louis            MO    
Park, Richard L                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Pauka, Andre M                 Castle Rock         CO    
Perenchio, Gina M              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Peterson, Keith R              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Plantico, Marc S               Asheville           NC    
Platkus, Frank R               Westminster         CO    
Potter, Jane Margaret          Centennial          CO    
Prete, Tony                    Westminster         CO    
Rayner, Ramsay S               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Rice, Beth                     Knoxville           TN    
Routa, John R                  Wheat Ridge         CO    
Rundberg, Steve                Nashville           TN    
Russell, Shari                 Broomfield          CO    
Sergienko, Eric Michael        Colorado Spgs       CO    
Shafer, Helen                  Vero Beach          FL    
Shafer, Stuart J               Vero Beach          FL    
Sherwood, Jeff P               Union Grove         WI    
Sostaric, Ronald               League City         TX    
Stamp, Mary R                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Sullivan, Karen J              Shawnee             KS    
Taylor, Paul A                 Midway              UT    
Townsend, Donna G              Dayton              OH    
Walth, Gregory                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Walth, Mark                    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Weaver, Beverly J              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Weaver, Darrell C              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Wei-Haas, Lisa                 Tulsa               OK    
Welborn, Brett W               Mt Pleasant         SC    
Wiese, Jim                     Mankato             MN    
Williams, Bart Edward          Oklahoma City       OK    
Witherell, Kenneth W           Broomfield          CO    
Wright, Fred R                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Zerr, Shelley                  Regina              CAN   

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