Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon

2009 Friends of the Peak Trail Fund Donations

The Triple Crown of Running, Pikes Peak Ascent, Pikes Peak Marathon, United States Forest Service, and Friends of the Peak thank the following individuals for their generous donations to the Pikes Peak Trail Fund.

Money donated to this fund is used to improve and maintain trails on Pikes Peak, including Barr Trail. Your generous donation allows volunteers from Friends of the Peak to keep the trails in tip-top shape, making a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Thanks many switch-backs to the donators for going the extra miles with your generous donations.

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Report Information:

606 donators
Current as of 8/26/2009 3:39:31 PM MT

Total Donations: $7,635.50

Note: This is a donation list and NOT a confirmation list. Being on this list does NOT mean you are in the race!

Double Thanks: Those whose name appears twice signed up for the Double and donated each time:-)

Name                           City                State
Abbey, Mark Scott              Indianapolis        IN    
Adams, David C                 Teton Village       WY    
Adams, Ian                     Colorado Spgs       CO    
Adams, Karen D                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Ahern, Brian T                 Geneva              IL    
Ahern, Jon                     Castle Rock         CO    
Aker, John William             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Alban, Adam W                  Wheat Ridge         CO    
Alcazar, Tungsten              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Almquist, Randy E              Parker              CO    
Almy, Denison Wells            Cascade             CO    
Amaya, Maria                   Tacoma              WA    
Ambard, Linda K                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Ambard, Linda K                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Anderson, Erin Joy             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Anderson, Tracey T             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Anderson, Wendy L              Denver              CO    
Archibald, William             Edmond              OK    
Armenta, James P               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Arnett, Dave J                 Castle Rock         CO    
Ash, Glen L                    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Atkinson, Edward               Broomfield          CO    
Atkinson, Herschell L          Colorado Spgs       CO    
Atkinson, Sheri L              Broomfield          CO    
Austin, Chip                   Stafford            VA    
Austin, Roger Leon             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Austin, Roger Leon             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Averbeck, Tim                  Weatherford         TX    
Ball, Vaughn L                 Houston             TX    
Barlow, Michael H              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Barnes, Martha                 Highlands Ranch     CO    
Batey, Stephen                 Amboy               IN    
Baumgartner, Eric A            Chagrin Falls       OH    
Bawden, James                  Provo               UT    
Baxter, Ed A                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Baxter, Fred H                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Baxter, Fred H                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Beattie, Scott                 Manitou Springs     CO    
Beavis, Patti L                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Becker, Eric T                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Bell, Mark W                   Denver              CO    
Bell, Robert T                 Germantown          OH    
Benight, Carol A               Manitou Springs     CO    
Benight, Charles C             Manitou Springs     CO    
Berardi, Paul J                Kansas City         MO    
Bergsten, Penny D              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Bergsten, Timothy Charles      Colorado Spgs       CO    
Bernardy, Jeffrey J            Denver              CO    
Bernstein, Brett               Chicago             IL    
Bertozzi, Janice M             Incline Village     NV    
Bettinger, Carl                Albuquerque         NM    
Bieger, Kreighton K            Boulder             CO    
Bielak, Ross                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Bierbrauer, David              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Bigelow, Bill A                Eagan               MN    
Bigger, Kirk                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Billek, Donna J                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Boggess, Edward D              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Bohn, Rick Gene                Chagrin Falls       OH    
Bohne, Peter Christopher       Fort Collins        CO    
Bolton, Jesse                  Denver              CO    
Booth, Stan                    Austin              TX    
Boots, Steven Kent             Batavia             IL    
Bornhorst, Joshua A            Little Rock         AR    
Bossard, Jennifer W            Wheat Ridge         CO    
Bourns, Greg L                 Waldron             AR    
Bowermaster, Nancy A           Austin              TX    
Bowlus, Marieta G              Highlands Ranch     CO    
Brackin, Holly                 Caldwell            TX    
Braden, Jim                    The Woodlands       TX    
Bridges, Dianne N              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Brock, Alan L                  Pflugerville        TX    
Brown, John A                  Westminster         CO    
Brown, Nathan                  Littleton           CO    
Bruce, Stacy                   Pflugerville        TX    
Bryan, Wendy                   Boulder             CO    
Buratovich, Jackie             Louisville          CO    
Bussey, Carie G                Olympia             WA    
Butler, Robert Browning        Austin              TX    
Buxton, Brenton H              Austin              TX    
Campbell, Steven W             Richmond            VA    
Canny, Roger D                 Johnson             KS    
Cardin, Rita J                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Carlson, Verne W               Longmont            CO    
Carpenter, Yvonne F            Manitou Springs     CO    
Carson, William Jay            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Cavanaugh-Keyek, David         Jamestown           CO    
Centeno, Manuel A              Van Buren           AR    
Chambers, Michael              Rhinecliff          NY    
Chandler, Jeremy               Lafayette           CO    
Chaney, Andrew L               Andover             KS    
Chapman, Jeff M                Cascade             CO    
Chavez, Chris A                Santa Fe            NM    
Christensen, Lou E             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Cisco, Dennis Frank            Littleton           CO    
Clark, Brian James             Maple Grove         MN    
Clark, Darryl                  Pueblo West         CO    
Clarke, John P                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Clegg, Claude J                Boulder             CO    
Cogswell, Susan B              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Colodny, Sarah E               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Comiskey, Matthew S            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Connelly, Brian                Phoenix             AZ    
Cooper, Kimberly               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Crangle, Kimball               Denver              CO    
Crawford, Brad                 Philadelphia        PA    
Crouse, Brian Edward           Jefferson City      MO    
Crow, Mason                    Peyton              CO    
Cruise, Shawna M               Escondido           CA    
Cunning, Gary M                Longmont            CO    
Dao, Ling Xuan                 Fairfax             VA    
Dao, Long Xuan                 Fairfax             VA    
D'Arbonne, Scot                Round Rock          TX    
Darilek, Allen D               San Antonio         TX    
Darilek, Allen D               San Antonio         TX    
Davis, Alan S                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Davis, Allen Scott             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Davis, Elliott                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Davis, Jo Ann H                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Day, Charles Martin            Calgary             CAN   
De Fere, Kathi                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Deneau, Valerie J              Colorado Spgs       CO    
DiLorenzo, Sheilah             Albuquerque         NM    
Doherty, Dan P                 Carbondale          CO    
Doherty, Julianne S            Carbondale          CO    
Donnon, Jeffrey A              Conshohocken        PA    
Dougherty Jr, Thomas P         Houston             TX    
Downs, Doyle E                 Woodway             TX    
Dunlap, Greg                   Milford             NE    
Dusek, Cheryl F                Surprise            AZ    
Dyas, Kyle A                   Fort Collins        CO    
Eickmann, Steve H              Loveland            CO    
Elder, Laura J                 Yarmouth            ME    
Eldridge, Dale R               Fort Collins        CO    
Eldridge, Gary A               San Jose            CA    
Eldridge, Gary A               San Jose            CA    
Elliott, Jeff J                Wichita             KS    
Elliott, Jennifer S            Wichita             KS    
Elliott, William Leland        Colorado Spgs       CO    
Ellison Jr, Philip M           Euless              TX    
Emry, Kirk                     Vail                CO    
Entwistle, Harrison            Denver              CO    
Epperson, Jon O                Larkspur            CO    
Erchinger, Shawn T             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Estebo, Jan C                  Casper              WY    
Everett, Denise M              Louisville          KY    
Everly, John C                 Vail                CO    
Everly, John C                 Vail                CO    
Everson, Michael F             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Ewers, Kandis Melody           Colorado Spgs       CO    
Fahnline, Richard A            Evergreen           CO    
Fancher, Lincoln B             Lacona              NY    
Farrell, Ed                    Denver              CO    
Faulkner, Bill E               Broomfield          CO    
Faulkner, Bill E               Broomfield          CO    
Faustman, Joshua               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Feldotto, Kevin P              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Ferguson, Donald J             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Fetterly, Jennifer L           Madison             WI    
Fishel, Michael                Atlanta             GA    
Fitzgerald, Erin               Portland            OR    
Fitzpatrick, John Howard       Colorado Spgs       CO    
Ford, Brendan A                Worthington         OH    
Ford, Kevin                    Columbus            OH    
Forester, Clayton Lane         Lino Lakes          MN    
Forrister, Trent               Boulder             CO    
Francis, Fredric E             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Fridman, Yoni                  Divide              CO    
Fromm, Anita Bower             Albuquerque         NM    
Frye, Beth                     Los Alamos          NM    
Fuhrmann, Stephen D            Monument            CO    
Fuller, Mike G                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Gabriel, Ben                   Boulder             CO    
Gabrielson, Josh               Denver              CO    
Gallivan, Thomas J             Elmhurst            IL    
Garcia, Scott L                Parker              CO    
Garcia-Shaw, Gina              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Gardner, John N                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Geary, Brian                   Bedford             MA    
Gebow, Gene H                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Geng, Julie                    Idaho Falls         ID    
George, Candace M              Dallas              TX    
Gibson, Bryce A                San Diego           CA    
Gibson, Bryce A                San Diego           CA    
Gilbert, Kristen Linnet        Colorado Spgs       CO    
Gilbert, Micky G               Wheat Ridge         CO    
Gilpin, Scott K                Denver              CO    
Gimarc, Charles E              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Ginter, Michael                Fairfield           PA    
Gleason, Martin J              Offerle             KS    
Gonzalez de Matauco, Jorge     Palma de Mallorca   ESP   
Goodloe, Marilyn R             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Gore, Timothy S                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Gossage, Barbara A             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Goulding, Phil                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Graham, Gretchen               Manitou Springs     CO    
Graham, Mike J                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Graves, Eric S                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Green, Andrew                  White Rock          NM    
Green, Tim Andrew              Littleton           CO    
Greene, Julie E                Longwood            FL    
Greer, Becca D                 Larkspur            CO    
Greer, Rodger D                Larkspur            CO    
Gregorek, James Stanley        Mountain Lakes      NJ    
Grote, Richard A               Boulder             CO    
Gryglewicz, Frank              Denver              CO    
Guemes, Ricardo                Gilbert             AZ    
Guemes, Ricardo                Gilbert             AZ    
Haag, Carrie A                 Santa Fe            NM    
Hallam, Eric                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hallmark, Jim C                Richardson          TX    
Hamby, Dale A                  Alexandria          VA    
Harcrow, Gina L                Larkspur            CO    
Harder, Dillon                 Monument            CO    
Harris, Jamie                  London              CAN   
Harris, Maeve Armstrong        London              CAN   
Harrison, David Michael        St Paul             MN    
Harrison, James E              Wichita             KS    
Hartline, Sue S                Lafayette           CO    
Hathaway, Christy              Denver              CO    
Hauss, Nicholas Edward         Fort Worth          TX    
Havlick, David                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hawes, Donald H                Racine              WI    
Haynes, William B              Los Alamos          NM    
Heerwagen, Belinda             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Heidelberg, Jim B              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hein, Julie B                  Morrisville         NC    
Helland, Elizabeth J           Colorado Spgs       CO    
Henderson, Roger J             Boulder             CO    
Hernandez, Roberto             Fort Worth          TX    
Hewuse, Vance L                Hartsel             CO    
Higgins, Jeff L                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hile, Trevor Andrew            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hill, Jason                    Littleton           CO    
Hirst, Susan E                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hlavaty, Jana                  Dillon              CO    
Hogg, Douglas                  Santa Barbara       CA    
Hoke, Robin Smith              Columbus            OH    
Holguin, Rafael David          Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hollenbaugh, Laura K           Arvada              CO    
Hopper, Matt                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hoppin, Tim                    Denver              CO    
Howald, James W                Monument            CO    
Hoyt, Trish                    Golden              CO    
Hubbs, Jim W                   Albuquerque         NM    
Hubchik, Lisa A                Denver              CO    
Hurcomb, Paul W                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hurley, John C                 Richmond            VA    
Hurley, John C                 Richmond            VA    
Hurtado, Mike                  Pueblo              CO    
Hutchinson, Andrew             Killeen             TX    
Hutchison, Scott               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Inglis, Robert                 Denver              CO    
Ingram, Doug                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Isler, Randy G                 Albuquerque         NM    
Iwata, Judy M                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Iwata, Sam H                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Jacobs Ikehara, Christine      Colorado Spgs       CO    
Jagger, Linda A                Denver              CO    
Jagger, Thomas H               Denver              CO    
James, Diana E                 Alamo               CA    
Jansen, Matthew James          Calgary             CAN   
Jarpe, Geoffrey P              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Jennings, John M               Leadville           CO    
Jewett, Gary W                 Beverly             MA    
Johnston, Ronald Edward        Bedford             NH    
Jones, George W                Monument            CO    
Jones, Glen H                  Wheat Ridge         CO    
Jones, Ronald J                Sierra Vista        AZ    
Kahkoska, Anna                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kahkoska, James A              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kahl, Jeffrey A                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Karp, David E                  Bennett             CO    
Katalin, Katie                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kearns, John T                 Larkspur            CO    
Kehmeier, Jhon M               Broomfield          CO    
Keleher, William R             Albuquerque         NM    
Kelland, Susanna               Manitou Springs     CO    
Keller, John                   Manitou Springs     CO    
Kelly, Mark D                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kelso, Gypsy A                 Florence            CO    
Kidd, Steven O                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kielpikowski, Gary L           Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kiemel, Thomas A               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kilroy, Chris J                Manitou Springs     CO    
Kime, Kenneth Scott            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kingsley, Roger D              West Point          NE    
Kinross-Wright, Cary           Golden              CO    
Kirsling, Kathy                Tijeras             NM    
Klein, Laura Lacroix           Colorado Spgs       CO    
Klotzbach, Barbara             Abilene             KS    
Knoche, Becky L                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Koerner, William C             Manitou Springs     CO    
Kohrell, David L               Lincoln             NE    
Kuenning, Timothy J            Lakewood            CO    
Kunkel, Megan                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kwiat, Kenneth E               Evergreen           CO    
LaBar, Paul Marshall           Pueblo              CO    
Lalonde, Chaz J                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Lambrecht, Greg                Natick              MA    
Landon, Chase                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Landry, Clyde L                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Langlois, Lyle R               Phoenix             AZ    
Langston, Ben                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Layman, Jay S                  Littleton           CO    
Leavitt, Richard H             Colorado Spgs       CO    
LeCount, Jonathan David        Denver              CO    
Lee III, William B             Idaho Springs       CO    
Lee, Christie A                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Leedy, Gail M                  Laramie             WY    
Leite, Jeffrey Paul            Denver              CO    
Lemmon, Brian Lee              Burlington          IL    
Leppert, Cory E                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Leppert, Jennifer L            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Lewandowski, Darin             Parker              CO    
Lewey, Rachel Anne             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Lewey, Scot Michael            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Lightfoot, Jeremy              San Antonio         TX    
Lim, Thong Kelly               Singapore           SGP   
Lindquist, Kristi              Castle Rock         CO    
Lindsey, Randy                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Liston, Ted                    Tujunga             CA    
Loisy, Denice Sophie           Colorado Spgs       CO    
Lovell, Tom                    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Luchsinger, Michael            Richardson          TX    
Luchsinger, Robert D           Dallas              TX    
Lucier, Herve A                Whitesboro          OK    
Lytle, Todd Christopher        Clermont            FL    
Maas, Daniel R                 Littleton           CO    
MacDonald, Elizabeth           St Louis            MO    
Macfarlane, Brian Stuart       Glasgow             GBR   
MacFarquhar, Gary              Evergreen           CO    
Madden, Nan M                  San Francisco       CA    
Magee, Matthew                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Mahon, James E                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Maiers, Shari H                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Maines, Adam                   Denver              CO    
Maksimowicz, Meredith          Colorado Spgs       CO    
Maluschka, Mark A              Woodland Park       CO    
Maly, Patricia Carroll         Kingwood            TX    
Marler, Randall Ray            Burleson            TX    
Marr, Melissa                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Marshall, Earl                 Golden              CO    
Martens, Jeffrey               Oklahoma City       OK    
Martin, Christopher Patrick    Pasadena            CA    
Martin, Kay                    Phoenix             AZ    
Martinez, Gwen R               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Marting, Michael F             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Massa, Jim                     Colorado Spgs       CO    
May, Rick D                    Paradise            UT    
McAfee, Ryan J                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
McCall, Christie R             Manitou Springs     CO    
McCall, Jim T                  Manitou Springs     CO    
McCarron, Lonnie               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Mccaulley, Mark E              Steamboat Spgs      CO    
McClanhan, Aimee Downs         Dallas              TX    
McCullough, Jennifer           Castle Rock         CO    
McCurnin, Jeanne K             Mason City          IA    
McDermott, Peter               Denver              CO    
McFadden, Jamie                Colorado Spgs       CO    
McFawn, Dave                   Park City           UT    
McGhee, Stephen P              Denver              CO    
McKee, Mitch W                 Derby               KS    
McKenney, Kim A                Atlanta             GA    
McKernan, Thomas J             Colorado Spgs       CO    
McLaughlin, Deanna L           Salt Lake City      UT    
McNamee, Jane E                Littleton           CO    
McQuade, Roberta               Atlanta             GA    
Merenkov, Jeffrey              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Messinger, Cary W              Niwot               CO    
Meyer, Alex J                  Scribner            NE    
Miller, Amy C                  Boulder             CO    
Misch, Mark Douglas            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Mitchell, Brian B              Plymouth            MN    
Moore, Thomas P                USAFA               CO    
Morgan, Bret                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Morrow, Kathleen A             Manitou Springs     CO    
Moss, Debbie P                 Salt Lake City      UT    
Moss, Lee S                    Salt Lake City      UT    
Murphy, Kelly S                Leadville           CO    
Murray, Craig B                Denver              CO    
Muse, Maribeth H               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Najera, Pablo                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Nelson, Michael Brent          Colorado Spgs       CO    
Newton, James                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Nichols, Jonathan              Highlands Ranch     CO    
Noble, Alison                  Frisco              CO    
Noe, Les L                     Boulder             CO    
Noltensmeyer, David            Buena Vista         CO    
Noltensmeyer, John             Dallas              TX    
Norman, Greg                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
O'Connell, Dan                 Denver              CO    
Odell, Daniel J                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Ogdon, David E                 Elmhurst            IL    
Oppenheim, Mark A              Saint Louis         MO    
Oreskovich, Peggy              Pueblo              CO    
Orfe, Christian                Longmont            CO    
Ortiz, Gina Camille            Chimayo             NM    
Owsley, Jeff                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Parafiniuk, Justin John        Colorado Spgs       CO    
Park, Richard L                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Partridge, James Joseph        Olathe              KS    
Passarelli, Stephanie M        Lakewood            CO    
Pastore, Mike                  Greer               SC    
Peabody, Phil                  Snyder              TX    
Peek, Tim                      South Orange        NJ    
Peters, Bill                   New York            NY    
Petrilli, Ralph L              Longmont            CO    
Pfeifer, Karen E               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Philipps, David N              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Pierce, Jeffrey J              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Pilloud, Mireille              Parker              CO    
Pocius, Dan                    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Polich, Herman                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Pontikas, John                 Texas City          TX    
Porter, John Dean              Tulsa               OK    
Porter, Mike J                 Centennial          CO    
Powell, Robert B               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Precious, Mark A               Larkspur            CO    
Quintana, Jessie M             Pueblo West         CO    
Raab, Jessica J                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Rachwitz, Jeff                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Rackson, Mary                  Lutherville         MD    
Rackson, Mary                  Lutherville         MD    
Rademaker, Jack                Floral City         FL    
Raino, Craigory J              Plainfield          IL    
Raino, Gerald M                Elwood              IL    
Rakes, Zane D                  Albuquerque         NM    
Ramsey, Jack C                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Rapkoch, Jim M                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Reaves, Richard Robert         Houston             TX    
Recca, Steve                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Redinger, Phil                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Reese, Roger                   Monument            CO    
Reilly, Sean                   Highlands Ranch     CO    
Reinert, Susan L               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Reno, Samuel                   Johnston            IA    
Rhulen, Harry W                Evergreen           CO    
Rice, Beth                     Knoxville           TN    
Richert, Chad C                Ypsilanti           MI    
Riley, Peter D                 Denver              CO    
Rios, Gloria B                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Robbins, Mark Erin             Fort Collins        CO    
Roberson, Duane Lee            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Roberson, Jaclyn Anne          Colorado Spgs       CO    
Robles, Javier                 Livonia             MI    
Routhieaux, Dan                Olathe              KS    
Roy, Michael                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Rundberg, Steve                Nashville           TN    
Runyan Franco, Kristy          Twentynine Palms    CA    
Rutford, Kris                  Lincoln             NE    
Rutford, Kris                  Lincoln             NE    
Ryan, Sean J                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Sager, Stephen E               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Salcetti, Jeanne M             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Sallberg, Scott A              Albuquerque         NM    
Sargent, Brett A               Lakewood            CO    
Satterwhite, Emilie            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Saville, Lance                 Manhattan           KS    
Scalfri, David E               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Schaefer, Dan Allen            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Schlagheck, Roger              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Schmidt, Kathy                 St Cloud            MN    
Schmink, Joanna M              Decatur             GA    
Schmink, Suzanna E             Decatur             GA    
Schmitt, Peter                 Boulder             CO    
Scholl, Dennis                 Miami Beach         FL    
Schoudel, Mike L               Poncha Springs      CO    
Schultz, Kimberley             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Schwechel, Craig               Frederick           CO    
Schwenk, Carl G                Ridgway             CO    
Seaman, Frank E                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Searls, Mike J                 Parker              CO    
Seeley, Rachella M             Denver              CO    
Sergienko, Eric Michael        Colorado Spgs       CO    
Seyer, Richard J               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Seymour, Robin L               Loveland            CO    
Shaffer, Michael Kristopher    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Shaner, Connie E               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Shearer, Darin J               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Sherwood, Jeff P               Union Grove         WI    
Shewey, Scott C                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Short, Howard                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Shuffield, Jim                 Little Rock         AR    
Shuffield, Jim                 Little Rock         AR    
Shute, Ed G                    Canon City          CO    
Silas, Mark                    Florissant          CO    
Silic, Michael D               Denver              CO    
Silvestro, Mike                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Simon, Gerry                   Woodland Park       CO    
Simpson, Allison L             Woodland Park       CO    
Simshauser, Kelly              Florence            CO    
Slater, Timothy Clarke         Golden              CO    
Sliker, Neal A                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Sloan, Stacy J                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Sloat, Stuart C                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Smith, Eric D                  Manitou Springs     CO    
Smith, Mark G                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Smith, Stephen J               Houston             TX    
Smith, Stuart                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Snider, Garth W                Marietta            GA    
Solomon, Herbert L             Cedar Park          TX    
Southiere, George              Cumberland          RI    
Sova, Eric J                   Peyton              CO    
Springsteen, Shawn             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Staab, Michael                 Littleton           CO    
Stachel, Aaron                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Stachel, Rebecca               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Staight, Daniel                Casper              WY    
Stangl, Jason                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Stark, Carey Leigh             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Stauder, Don                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Steffens, Timothy D            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Steigerwald, Chrissy C         Colorado Spgs       CO    
Steiner, Eric R                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Stock, Gregory                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Stock, Jennifer W              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Strock, Larry J                Lakewood            CO    
Stuckey, Karen L               Gunnison            CO    
Stump, David                   Denver              CO    
Sullivan, Karen J              Shawnee             KS    
Sullivan, Todd                 Fort Wayne          IN    
Sundahl, Clark                 Monument            CO    
Sundara, Ravi                  Ballwin             MO    
Swanson, Brad                  Lakewood            CO    
Swindler, Rob                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Switzer, Gregg                 Bozeman             MT    
Tanzer, Herb J                 Woodland Park       CO    
Taylor, Amelia                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Taylor, Janie R                Monument            CO    
Taylor, Joni M                 Midway              UT    
Taylor, Paul A                 Midway              UT    
Teran, Ramon                   Highlands Ranch     CO    
Thompson, James Carl           Burleson            TX    
Thompson, Jonathan             Walnut Creek        CA    
Thompson, Kenneth E            Manitou Springs     CO    
Thornton, Jim P                Fort Smith          AR    
Thurman, Mike B                Denver              CO    
Thurman, Mike B                Denver              CO    
Thurman, Skip N                Denver              CO    
Thurman, Skip N                Denver              CO    
Toman, Mary B                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Tonsits, Peter A               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Toth, Stephen Andrew           Colorado Spgs       CO    
Townsend, Donna G              Dayton              OH    
Townsend, Donna G              Dayton              OH    
Trimboli, Michael S            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Tudor, Thomas W                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Turk, Dan                      Fort Collins        CO    
Turnbull, Matt                 Leadville           CO    
Turosak, Jim                   Denver              CO    
Turosak, Jim                   Denver              CO    
Tuxhorn, Kent A                Wichita             KS    
Umphrey, Jim M                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Underhill, Jeff                Watauga             TX    
Van Der Linde, Rienet          Colorado Spgs       CO    
Vander Molen, Natascha A       Colorado Spgs       CO    
Vehlewald, Scott               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Vohland, John B                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Wacker, Bruce                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Walden, David J                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Walker, Steve V                Denver              CO    
Walters, Thomas Andrew         Colorado Spgs       CO    
Warner, Allen G                St Louis            MO    
Wasinger, Peter                Jersey City         NJ    
Waterman, Charles              San Antonio         TX    
Watson, Jason Tipping          Falcon              CO    
Weaver, Amy Celeste            Dallas              TX    
Weaver, Beverly J              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Weaver, Darrell C              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Weems, John                    San Diego           CA    
Wells, Matthew                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Welsby, Lanel Elise            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Wente, Christie                Albuquerque         NM    
Wenzl, William L               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Weppler, Paul H                East Amherst        NY    
Whipple, Richard J             Morrison            CO    
White, James A                 Peyton              CO    
White, Kathy A                 Lakewood            CO    
Wieckert, Steve                Appleton            WI    
Wiecks, Stephanie L            Palmer Lake         CO    
Wiese, Andy                    Champaign           IL    
Wilkins, Brian                 Boulder             CO    
Wilkins, Stacia Anne           Castle Rock         CO    
Williams, Angela               Plano               TX    
Williams, Caroline             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Williams, Steve O              Cedar Creek         TX    
Wilson, Catherine M            Hastings            NE    
Wilson, Dennis R               Woodland Park       CO    
Witherell, Kenneth W           Broomfield          CO    
Wood, Robert K                 Boulder             CO    
Wortmann, Phillip Carlton      Manitou Springs     CO    
Wright, Fred R                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Wright, Kelly L                Denver              CO    
Wright, Kevin H                Staunton            VA    
Wynd, Colin W                  Manasquan           NJ    
Ybarra, Samuel                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Yeager, Kay A                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Young, Kent E                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Yukman, Sandi L                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Yukman, Thomas A               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Yupa, Maritsa                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Zabel, Michael                 Lawrence            KS    
Zarone, Philip W               Pittsburgh          PA    
Zellmer, Randy John            North Mankato       MN    
Zirkle, Dave                   Colorado Spgs       CO    

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