Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon

2010 Friends of the Peak Trail Fund Donations

The Triple Crown of Running, Pikes Peak Ascent, Pikes Peak Marathon, United States Forest Service, and Friends of the Peak thank the following individuals for their generous donations to the Pikes Peak Trail Fund.

Money donated to this fund is used to improve and maintain trails on Pikes Peak, including Barr Trail. Your generous donation allows volunteers from Friends of the Peak to keep the trails in tip-top shape, making a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Thanks many switch-backs to the donators for going the extra miles with your generous donations.

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Report Information:

589 donators
Current as of 9/9/2010 9:26:15 PM MT

Total Donations: $6,636.50

Note: This is a donation list and NOT a confirmation list. Being on this list does NOT mean you are in the race!

Double Thanks: Those whose name appears twice signed up for the Double and donated each time:-)

Name                           City                State
Abernathy, Jason H             Washington          DC    
Abernathy, Justin R            Washington          DC    
Acton, Rob                     Amarillo            TX    
Adair, Diana Vaune             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Adair, Roy                     Colorado Spgs       CO    
Adams, David C                 Teton Village       WY    
Adams, Melissa M               Monument            CO    
Ahern, Tess                    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Ahn, David                     Hackensack          NJ    
Alba, Robert J                 Fountain            CO    
Alban, Adam W                  Wheat Ridge         CO    
Aldridge, Charlene J           Fort Wayne          IN    
Aldridge, Charlene J           Fort Wayne          IN    
Aleman, Stephen S              Springfield         MO    
Allen, Robert F                Wichita             KS    
Almquist, Randy E              Parker              CO    
Andersen, Angie                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Anderson, Dianne G             Danville            CA    
Anderson, Jeffrey              Aurora              CO    
Anderson, Tracey T             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Anderson, Wendy L              Denver              CO    
Ansley, Shelton L              Cairo               GA    
Arellano, Sylvia I             Parker              CO    
Armenta, James P               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Armon, Orion                   Broomfield          CO    
Arnett, Dave J                 Castle Rock         CO    
Arnett, Victoria L             Castle Rock         CO    
Aronow, Kurt A                 Louisville          CO    
Ash, Glen L                    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Ashcraft, Brent G              Rexburg             ID    
Aster, Richard                 Socorro             NM    
Atkinson, Herschell L          Colorado Spgs       CO    
Austin, Roger Leon             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Bahrenburg, Nathan             Westminster         CO    
Ball, Vaughn L                 Houston             TX    
Ballenger, Jeremy              Denver              CO    
Baron, Edward C                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Barrett, Patrick               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Bast, Oliver                   Denver              CO    
Bauer, David E                 Castle Rock         CO    
Baxter, Fred H                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Beard, Kim I                   Manitou Springs     CO    
Bell, Brent J                  Sandy               UT    
Bell, Robert T                 Germantown          OH    
Benight, Carol A               Manitou Springs     CO    
Benight, Charles C             Manitou Springs     CO    
Berg, Allen Thomas             Minneapolis         MN    
Bergman, Eric                  Westminster         CO    
Berman, Arthur                 Orono               MN    
Bernardy, Jeffrey J            Denver              CO    
Bierbrauer, David              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Bilbrey, Carol J               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Billek, Donna J                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Binney, Robert                 Philadelphia        PA    
Bird, Philip T                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Birmingham, Lorel              Littleton           CO    
Birmingham, Paul               Co Dublin           IRL   
Black, Eric                    Ottawa              KS    
Bleakney, Eric Manning         Woodland Park       CO    
Boomer, Doug                   Hendersonville      TN    
Booth, Stan                    Austin              TX    
Bornhorst, Joshua A            Little Rock         AR    
Bourns, Greg L                 Waldron             AR    
Bowermaster, Nancy A           Austin              TX    
Bowlus, James A                Highlands Ranch     CO    
Bowlus, Marieta G              Highlands Ranch     CO    
Boyd, Jennifer                 Robertsville        MO    
Brackin, Holly                 Caldwell            TX    
Braithwait, Austin             Leawood             KS    
Brandl, Sandra                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Braun, Patty Ann               Denver              CO    
Bray, Larry A                  Elkhorn             WI    
Bresnahan, Cassandra M         Manitou Springs     CO    
Brock, Ian Timothy             Denver              CO    
Brodie, James William          Colorado Spgs       CO    
Brown, Diane P                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Brown, Jackie                  Saint Albans Bay    VT    
Brown, Maria Lorena            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Brunette, Mike W               Flossmoor           IL    
Buder, Beau                    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Buder, Brandon                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Bugay, Glenn                   Willow Park         TX    
Bullock, Garland R             Austin              TX    
Buxton, Brenton H              Austin              TX    
Cahoon, Christie               Dallas              TX    
Caldwell, Matthew              Winterport          ME    
Cameron, Mireille              Boulder             CO    
Cardin, Rita J                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Carlile, Monica                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Carr, Dena J                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Carson, William Jay            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Carson, William Jay            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Castle, Thomas B               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Chan, Melissa Renee            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Chaney, Andrew L               Breckenridge        CO    
Chapman, Chris M               Manhattan           IL    
Charns, Lee Thomas             Canton              MI    
Cheah, Daniel                  Seattle             WA    
Christensen, Lou E             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Chupka, Gina                   Golden              CO    
Ciamaichelo, Kathryn Lea       Colorado Spgs       CO    
Clement, Tony                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Cleveland, Dennis              Romeoville          IL    
Cockrell, Daniel               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Cogswell, Meghan               Manitou Springs     CO    
Cook, Glenn Alan               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Cook, Patricia                 Warrensburg         MO    
Cooke, Arthur                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Cormier, Paul G                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Coughlin, Bradley              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Cox, Shane R                   Altamonte Springs   FL    
Crane, Rebecca Lyn             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Crist, Julie Denise            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Crouse, John R                 Monument            CO    
Cummings, George Henry         Colorado Spgs       CO    
Curmode, Gary E                Wichita             KS    
Dao, Ling Xuan                 Fairfax             VA    
Dao, Ling Xuan                 Fairfax             VA    
Darre, Chip                    Metairie            LA    
Darrow, Ross M                 Bedford             TX    
Davidson, Andrew Peter         New York            NY    
Davis, Allen Scott             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Davis, Rushton                 Grapevine           TX    
DeCamp, Alexander Lee          Colorado Spgs       CO    
DeHart, David                  Raleigh             NC    
Deichman, Shane                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Derington, Jody                Woodland Park       CO    
Diaz, Stacey A                 Pueblo              CO    
Dickerson, Amy E               Broomfield          CO    
Dickey, Chris James            Gunnison            CO    
Doedderlein, Jason M           Lakewood            CO    
Dohr, Amy M                    Evergreen           CO    
Dolan, Michael                 Louisville          CO    
Donahue, Susan                 Pawtucket           RI    
Donelson, David L              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Dorman, Mark Ian               Clovis              CA    
Dougherty, Michael T           Boulder             CO    
DuCharme, Richard J            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Dyas, Kyle A                   Fort Collins        CO    
Eakin, Dan                     Commerce City       CO    
Ecker, Monique                 Hickory Creek       TX    
Eder, Eric                     Royal Oak           MI    
Eisenhauer, David R            Manitou Springs     CO    
Eisenman, Michael Joseph       Colorado Spgs       CO    
Eldridge, Gary A               San Jose            CA    
Elliott, Jeff J                Wichita             KS    
Elliott, Jennifer S            Wichita             KS    
Elliott, Mary                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Elliott, William Leland        Colorado Spgs       CO    
Ellis, Kelly J                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
English, James L               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Enos, Heather Haupt            Boulder             CO    
Estebo, Jan C                  Casper              WY    
Etten, Matt John               St. Louis Park      MN    
Everly, John C                 Vail                CO    
Evers, Bob                     Park City           UT    
Everson, Shawn                 Saint Louis         MO    
Ewing, Amanda                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Farr, Jonathan Daniel          Valdosta            GA    
Fast, Pamela                   Golden              CO    
Faulkner, Bill E               Broomfield          CO    
Faustman, Joshua               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Fenberg, Jay Allen             Cloudcroft          NM    
Ferguson, Donald J             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Ferrell, Ed                    Grayson             GA    
Fitch, Deon E                  Englewood           CO    
Fitzgerald, Erin               Portland            OR    
Florence, Matthew              Plano               TX    
Folk, Brad                     Littleton           CO    
Fox, Debbie S                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Francis, Fredric E             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Franz, William Gerard          Manhattan           KS    
Fridman, Yoni                  Divide              CO    
Fullman, Michael J             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Garcia, Scott L                Parker              CO    
Garcia-Kelso, Gypsy A          Florence            CO    
Garcia-Shaw, Gina              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Garnett, Robert                Roseville           MN    
Gibson, Bradford H             Manitou Springs     CO    
Gibson, Brenda                 San Diego           CA    
Gibson, Bryce A                San Diego           CA    
Gimarc, Charles E              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Glaude, Josee Mylene           Sherbrooke          CAN   
Gleason, Martin J              Offerle             KS    
Gorman, Jeff                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Goulding, Phil                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Gray, Danny J                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Green, Hannah A                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Greer, Rodger D                Larkspur            CO    
Greimann, Todd                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Grote, Richard A               Boulder             CO    
Gryglewicz, Frank              Denver              CO    
Haag, Carrie A                 Santa Fe            NM    
Hagan, Patricia M              Englewood           CO    
Hallmark, Jim C                Richardson          TX    
Halloran, Milt Matthew         Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hamann, Corrina L              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Haney, David R                 Black Forest        CO    
Harder, Dillon                 Monument            CO    
Harris, Jamie                  London              CAN   
Harrison, James E              Wichita             KS    
Haun, Donna Sue                Boonville           MO    
Hawkins, Donald                Pueblo West         CO    
Hayes, Susan J                 Lander              WY    
Hecht, Faith Freeman           Richmond            VA    
Heidelberg, Jim B              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hein, Julie B                  Morrisville         NC    
Hernandez, Chelsea             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Heyliger, Dave                 Larkspur            CO    
Hicks, Tim F                   Altaville           CA    
Hill Jr, Thomas Martin         Dulce               NM    
Hill, Jason                    Littleton           CO    
Hoffert, Jordan LeeAnn         Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hogg, Douglas                  Santa Barbara       CA    
Hokansson, Steve               Bellvue             CO    
Hopper, Matt                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Howald, James W                Monument            CO    
Howard, Katie                  Dallas              TX    
Howery, Susie C                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Howland, Timothy J             Rochester           NY    
Hrbacek, Patrick A             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hughes, Iain                   Cincinnati          OH    
Hull, Josephine                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hurley, John C                 Richmond            VA    
Hutchison, Scott               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hyde, Westcott                 Frisco              CO    
Ingram, Doug                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Isaac, Michael J               Mustang             OK    
Jackson, Kelly E               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Jagger, Thomas H               Denver              CO    
James, Randolph Lee            Woodland Park       CO    
Janney, Jack T                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Jansen, Erick                  Austin              TX    
Jaray, Ken A                   Manitou Springs     CO    
Jason, Heidi                   Highlands Ranch     CO    
Jaureguy, Tim                  Bellevue            WA    
Jennings, John M               Leadville           CO    
Johnson, Chad Kenneth          Denver              CO    
Johnson, Natalie A             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Johnson, Tanya R               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Johnston, James Marvin         Colorado Spgs       CO    
Johnston, Sarah                Alamogordo          NM    
Jones, George W                Monument            CO    
Jones, George W                Monument            CO    
Jones, Ronald J                Sierra Vista        AZ    
Josselet, Van J                Dalhart             TX    
Joyner, Sharon Kay             Woodland Park       CO    
Kaiser, Bobalu                 Richardson          TX    
Kanters, Steve C               Sequim              WA    
Karp, David E                  Bennett             CO    
Katalin, Katie                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Katz, Jessica                  Golden              CO    
Kehmeier, Dean F               Boulder             CO    
Kehmeier, Jhon M               Broomfield          CO    
Kelland, Susanna               Manitou Springs     CO    
Keller, John                   Manitou Springs     CO    
Kidd, Steven O                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kilroy, Chris J                Manitou Springs     CO    
Kinney, Kevin V                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kircher, Sharon K              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kiss, Tibor                    Manitou Springs     CO    
Kittel, Robin Lee              Highlands Ranch     CO    
Klaasmeyer, Corey M            Denver              CO    
Klaus, Courtney                Madison             WI    
Klein, Andrea C                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kline, Kevin                   Sugar Land          TX    
Knoche, Randy R                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Koerner, William C             Manitou Springs     CO    
Kohrell, David L               Lincoln             NE    
Kokes, John                    Seattle             WA    
Kolz, Matthew                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kovats, Julius Andy            Manitou Springs     CO    
Kreminski, Rick                Pueblo West         CO    
Krotscheck, Ulrike             Olympia             WA    
Krumenauer, Jennifer Lynn      Castle Rock         CO    
Kuhlmeier, Ralph               Boulder             CO    
Kunin, Timothy                 Denver              CO    
Kunkel, Ann C                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kupilik, Matthew J             Arvada              CO    
Kuzma, Robert J                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Lally, Stephen James           Alexandria          VA    
Lalonde, Chaz J                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Lambert, Tim M                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Lambrecht, Greg                Natick              MA    
Lamontine, Steve A             Roswell             NM    
Lanctot, Alan L                Aurora              CO    
Lang, Steve                    Fort Collins        CO    
Langlois, Lyle R               Phoenix             AZ    
Langston, Ben                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Lashley, Deborah J             Fort Smith          AR    
Lawless, Michael G             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Lee, Christie A                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Lee, Johnathan D               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Lengyel, Matthew               Annapolis           MD    
Leonardo, Natascha A           Colorado Spgs       CO    
Leppert, Cory E                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Lewandowski, Darin             Parker              CO    
Lewandowski, Darin             Parker              CO    
Lim, Thong Kelly               Singapore           SGP   
Lindow, Mark E                 Germantown          TN    
Lindsey, Randy                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Lopez, Javier                  Porter              TX    
Lucente-Castle, Michaela       Colorado Spgs       CO    
Luchsinger, Robert D           Dallas              TX    
Luse, Dean C                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Maas, Calvin                   Littleton           CO    
Maas, Daniel R                 Littleton           CO    
MacDonald, Maren K             Florissant          CO    
Maddaloni, Avery M             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Madero-Schreiber, Monica       Pasadena            MD    
Mahon, James E                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Mahoy, Nic                     Colorado Spgs       CO    
Maksimowicz, Ed                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Maksimowicz, Meredith          Colorado Spgs       CO    
Malkin, Jesse Dylan            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Malmberg, Brenda J             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Maluschka, Mark A              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Marasovich, Peggy M            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Marks, Yesenia Ayala           Santa Monica        CA    
Marler, Randall Ray            Burleson            TX    
Martin, David Robert           Casper              WY    
Martin, Kay                    Phoenix             AZ    
Martin, Stan                   Brighton            CO    
Mash, Peter Wt                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Mashnouk, Fadi                 Wichita             KS    
Massa, Chris                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Massa, Jim                     Colorado Spgs       CO    
Massa, Nick                    Fountain            CO    
Maul, Greg N                   Tucson              AZ    
Mazzola, Christina Marie       Colorado Spgs       CO    
McAfee, Ryan J                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
McAfee, William D              Colorado Spgs       CO    
McCall, Ronald K               Manitou Springs     CO    
McCarthy, Tara                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
McDermott, Peter               Englewood           CO    
McKee, Mitch W                 Derby               KS    
McKernan, Thomas J             Colorado Spgs       CO    
McLaughlin, Christopher L      Henderson           CO    
McLean, Gavin Neil             Surbiton            GBR   
McMahon, Brett Thomas          Wichita             KS    
McMillin, Jamie L              Colorado Spgs       CO    
McPherson, Guy                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Meldrum, Schad                 Edmond              OK    
Melgares, Gregory              Oconomowoc          WI    
Menefee, Douglas Sager         Lafayette           LA    
Meredith, Jeff A               Highlands Ranch     CO    
Miles, Anthony                 Durango             CO    
Miller, Jim                    Cypress             TX    
Miller, Michael Kenneth        Arvada              CO    
Mitchell, Stephen L            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Mooney, Anna                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Mooney, Ryan                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Moore, Thomas P                USAF Academy        CO    
Morgan, Ryan M                 Parker              CO    
Morrow, Kathleen A             Manitou Springs     CO    
Moss, Lee S                    Salt Lake City      UT    
Moya, James Mike               Lafayette           IN    
Moyle, Bill J                  Lone Tree           CO    
Munoz, Aaron                   Saginaw             TX    
Murphy, Kelly S                Leadville           CO    
Murray, Ted L                  Waterloo            IA    
Muse, Maribeth H               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Nace, Mort O                   Rochester           NY    
Najera, Pablo                  Peyton              CO    
Neubauer, Paulette             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Neufeld, Bruce Alan            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Neuman-Lee, Mark Edward        Denver              CO    
Newberry, Dyan                 Los Angeles         CA    
Nielsen, Jenny Ann             Austin              TX    
Nordstrom, Tad                 Lafayette           CO    
Norton, Russell S              Austin              TX    
O'Connell, Dan                 Denver              CO    
O'Connell, Tom C               Conifer             CO    
O'Kane, Shawn V                San Antonio         TX    
Olitsky, Brian M               Estero              FL    
Oliver, George Sinclair        Colorado Spgs       CO    
Olmstead, Sherie               Brussels            BEL   
Olson, David E                 Ogden               UT    
Olson, John H                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
O'Neill, Jim                   New Lenox           IL    
Opjorden, Stewart L            Milan               MN    
Oppenheim, Mark A              Saint Louis         MO    
Owens, Todd                    San Jose            CA    
Page, Kerry Ann                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Parafiniuk, Justin John        Colorado Spgs       CO    
Park, Dave                     Colorado Spgs       CO    
Park, Richard L                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Parry, Christopher W           Edmond              OK    
Parry, Tiffany S               Edmond              OK    
Passarelli, Stephanie M        Lakewood            CO    
Patterson, Mike                Hutchinson          KS    
Perkins, Mark D                Centennial          CO    
Persons, Elizabeth Ann         Buffalo             NY    
Philipps, David N              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Pierce, Geoffrey F             Houston             TX    
Pierce, Jeffrey J              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Pierson, Brianne               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Pilgrim, Randy Lee             Lafayette           LA    
Pischke, Lara                  Oakdale             MN    
Poehlman, Janice L             Madison             WI    
Pollock, Joshua Nathan         Golden              CO    
Pompeii, Mary                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Pontarolo, John                Auburn              WA    
Pool, Richard J                South Amherst       OH    
Poroznuk, Jack                 Falmouth            CAN   
Posey, Michelle W              Little Rock         AR    
Potter, Jane Margaret          Centennial          CO    
Powers, Mike                   Englewood           CO    
Precious, Mark A               Larkspur            CO    
Quintana, Jessie M             Pueblo West         CO    
Rabbers, Eric                  Chicago             IL    
Rachwitz, Jeff                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Rakes, Zane D                  Thornton            CO    
Ramsey, Jack C                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Ramson, Jayme                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Raphael, Kate B                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Rausch, Justin                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Reaksecker, Marcianne          Denver              CO    
Redinger, Phil                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Reed, Joel                     Colorado Spgs       CO    
Reed, Roger W                  Barling             AR    
Reeves, Chris L                Boulder             CO    
Reeves, Tom                    Peyton              CO    
Regier, Scott H                Simi Valley         CA    
Renn, Rachel Renee             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Resciniti, Mark                Gettysburg          PA    
Reynolds, Antony James         Monument            CO    
Rhoades, Amanda                Broomfield          CO    
Rhoades, Jonathan              New York            NY    
Rhulen, Harry W                Evergreen           CO    
Rickard, Bruce Gerald          Christchurch        NZL   
Riley, Bill                    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Rivas, Francisco T             Fort Worth          TX    
Roberts, Yolanda               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Robins, Donita                 Greenville          TX    
Rodda, Elliott                 Winfield            KS    
Rothenberg, Elizabeth J        Denver              CO    
Routa, John R                  Wheat Ridge         CO    
Routhieaux, Daniel Michael     Olathe              KS    
Rubens, Sue                    Plymouth            MN    
Ruggles, Bryan Avery           Colorado Spgs       CO    
Rumley, Steve Richard          Helena              MT    
Ruskin, Steve                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Rutford, Kris                  Lincoln             NE    
Ruth, Mark                     Colorado Spgs       CO    
Rutten, Bart                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Ryan, Mark Andrew              Avon                CO    
Ryan, Nick                     Denver              CO    
Sacks, Sarah                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Sajak, Roger                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Sarten, Mike                   Lakewood            CO    
Scheetz, Sharon D              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Scheetz, Thomas E              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Schenck, Kim                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Schlei, Judy K                 Plantation          FL    
Schlingmann, David C           Colorado Spgs       CO    
Schmeiser, Brent               Palm Harbor         FL    
Schneider, Tim                 Manitou Springs     CO    
Schooler, Ryan                 Austin              TX    
Schopp, John                   Englewood           CO    
Schoudel, Mike L               Salida              CO    
Schulzki, Anton                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Schwartz, Kenneth              Washington          DC    
Scott, Dawn M                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Scott, Kevin A                 Denver              CO    
Seaman, Frank E                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Seyer, Richard J               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Shaffer, Michael Kristopher    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Sheehan, Heather G             Evergreen           CO    
Sheehan, James                 Pueblo              CO    
Sheeley, Raymond Allan         Superior            CO    
Shelhamer, John D              Manitou Springs     CO    
Shelley, Christopher Lee       Colorado Spgs       CO    
Sherwood, Jeff P               Union Grove         WI    
Shoulberg, Rick W              Guffey              CO    
Shoup, Martha W                Salida              CO    
Siegel, Thomas G               Ridgefield          CT    
Sikora, Joseph G               Succasunna          NJ    
Silas, Mark                    Florissant          CO    
Simon, Gerry                   Woodland Park       CO    
Simon, Gerry                   Woodland Park       CO    
Simpson, Allison L             Woodland Park       CO    
Simshauser, Kelly K            Florence            CO    
Sissman, Matthew R             Lander              WY    
Skuthan, Frank J               Ridgewood           NJ    
Slavens, Mike                  Denver              CO    
Sloat, Stuart C                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Smidt, Karen J                 Brighton            CO    
Smith, Bobby M                 Winfield            KS    
Smith, Terry R                 Littleton           CO    
Sohaskey, Mike                 Berkeley            CA    
Solberg, Don                   Peyton              CO    
Sommer, Paul M                 Boulder             CO    
Sova, Eric J                   Peyton              CO    
Sparks, Joy                    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Spencer, Cathy J               Wichita             KS    
Stafford, Carrie S             Avon                CO    
Stanzione, Charles E           Boulder             CO    
Stauder, Don                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Steinmeyer, Kent Stephen       Fountain            CO    
Stewart, Robert E              Yorkville           IL    
Stout, Maria                   Imperial            MO    
Strock, Larry J                Lochbuie            CO    
Stuckey, Karen L               Gunnison            CO    
Sullivan, Karen J              Shawnee             KS    
Sullivan, Todd                 Fort Wayne          IN    
Tarr, Jan                      Socorro             NM    
Taylor, Amelia                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Taylor, Diane M                Nashville           TN    
Taylor, James E                Lake Elsinore       CA    
Taylor, Jodie                  Parker              CO    
Taylor, Joni M                 Midway              UT    
Taylor, Paul A                 Midway              UT    
Tegtmeier, Philip Allen        Spring City         PA    
Tennant, Colin                 Mercer Island       WA    
Teran, Ramon                   Highlands Ranch     CO    
Terry, Sherman I               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Thayer, Paul Quay              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Theobald, Michael              Joliet              IL    
Thomi, Muriel M                Gattikon            CHE   
Thompson, John S               Woodland Park       CO    
Thompson, Kenneth E            Manitou Springs     CO    
Thompson, Lorraine J           Colorado Spgs       CO    
Thurman, Mike B                Denver              CO    
Thurman, Mike B                Denver              CO    
Thurman, Skip N                Denver              CO    
Thurman, Wes                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Tilley, Diana                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Tippit, Dennis Michael         Houston             TX    
Toman, Mary B                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Tongue, William L              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Toth, Stephen Andrew           Colorado Spgs       CO    
Toupin, Mark S                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Townsend, Donna G              Dayton              OH    
Travis, Brian Douglas          Boulder             CO    
Trenti, Michele                Boulder             CO    
Tronoski, William Joseph       Long Valley         NJ    
Troost, Noel Keane             Little Elm          TX    
Tudor, Thomas W                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Turnell, Robert                Centennial          CO    
Turner, Jon                    Highlands Ranch     CO    
Vanderwerff, Josh              Springdale          UT    
Vaughan, Holly M               Fort Worth          TX    
Vehlewald, Scott               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Voegtlin, Annette Marie        Chesterton          IN    
Vogelsang, Barbara A           San Francisco       CA    
Vohland, John B                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Vucich, Blondie A              Vail                CO    
Wacker, Bruce                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Wagner, Heather Lynn           Colorado Spgs       CO    
Walden, David J                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Walker, Chris S                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Wallace, Mark M                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Walters, Thomas Andrew         Colorado Spgs       CO    
Walth, Greg                    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Ward, Lance Kendall            Tahlequah           OK    
Warner, Allen G                Saint Louis         MO    
Warren, Robert                 Metairie            LA    
Watson, Thomas A               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Weaver, Beverly J              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Weaver, Darrell C              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Webb, Jon                      Boulder             CO    
Webster, Karen L               Tulsa               OK    
Weipert, Clare                 Centennial          CO    
Welch, Erin A                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Wells, Matthew                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Westermeyer, Robert R          Colorado Spgs       CO    
Whipple, Richard J             Morrison            CO    
White, Kathy A                 Lakewood            CO    
Wiegand, Sylvia M              Lincoln             NE    
Wieland, Richard A             Wichita             KS    
Wiese, Andy                    Champaign           IL    
Willett, Kyle                  Boulder             CO    
Williams, Gary H               Highlands Ranch     CO    
Wilson, Amy L                  Kyle                TX    
Wilson, Catherine M            Ankeny              IA    
Winter, Bob                    New Lenox           IL    
Wolf, Allison J                Topeka              KS    
Wood, Robby S                  Wheat Ridge         CO    
Wortmann, Michael Andrew       Elizabethtown       KY    
Wright, Bill W                 Superior            CO    
Wright, Fred R                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Xia, Yan                       New York            NY    
Xia, Yan                       New York            NY    
Yeager, Kay A                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Yukman, Sandi L                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Yukman, Thomas A               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Yupa, Maritsa R                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Zulejkic, David                Rockwall            TX    

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