Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon

2013 Pikes Peak Ascent/Marathon El Paso County Search and Rescue Donations

This is a donation list and NOT a confirmation list. Being on this list does NOT mean you are in the race!

The Triple Crown of Running, Pikes Peak Ascent®, Pikes Peak Marathon®, and El Paso County Search and Rescue thank the following individuals for their generous donations to El Paso County Search and Rescue.

El Paso County Search and Rescue is an all-volunteer non-profit organization. They never charge for their services and yet they incur enormous expenses related to the missions they serve on. Some of those missions involve saving runner’s from mountain trails! They also provide race support for several races including the Pikes Peak Ascent® and Pikes Peak Marathon®.

Thanks many switch-backs to the donators for going the extra miles with your generous donations.

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Report Information:

593 donators
Current as of 8/24/2013 4:42:03 PM MT

Total Donations: $6,394.50

Double Thanks: Those whose name appears twice signed up for the Double and donated each time:-)

Name                           City                State
Abernathy, Jason H             Fort Smith          AR    
Abernathy, Justin R            Washington          DC    
Abeyta, Sheryl L               Alamosa             CO    
Adams, Daniel W                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Adams, David C                 Teton Village       WY    
Aegerter, Corinne M            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Aime, Christel                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Akers, Patty                   West Lakeland       MN    
Alberts, Herman L              Aurora              CO    
Alderwick, Sally               Northglenn          CO    
Aldridge, Charlene J           Fort Wayne          IN    
Aldridge, Charlene J           Fort Wayne          IN    
Aleman, Jill R                 Springfield         MO    
Aleman, Stephen S              Springfield         MO    
Alstatt, Megan                 Parachute           CO    
Andersen, Angie                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Anderson, Emily                Peyton              CO    
Anderson, Tracey T             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Andrews, Mark                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Ansley, Shelton L              Cairo               GA    
Ansley, Shelton L              Cairo               GA    
Armstrong, Lowell              Peyton              CO    
Ash, Glen L                    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Ashcraft, Brent G              Rexburg             ID    
Atkinson, Sheri L              Broomfield          CO    
Atteberry, Justin Paul         Organ               NM    
Atteberry, Robert              Organ               NM    
Austin, Roger Leon             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Austin, Roger Leon             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Austin, Thomas Koltvet         Hugo                MN    
Baines, Mark                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Baker, Doyle                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Balboa, Marie Sophie           Bel Air             MD    
Ball, Charles                  Ventura             CA    
Ball, Vaughn L                 Houston             TX    
Ballenger, Danny               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Barnish, Amy L                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Barnish, Tom R                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Barrouquere, Stephen           Metairie            LA    
Barry, Karen A                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Bateman, Melissa               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Beagle, William                Monument            CO    
Bean, Margot Lathan            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Benight, Carol A               Manitou Springs     CO    
Benight, Charles C             Manitou Springs     CO    
Bennett, Richard E             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Bennett, Steven Andrew         Minot               ND    
Bernardy, Jeffrey J            Boulder             CO    
Billek, Donna J                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Blackwell, Tami                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Bly, Antonella                 Broomfield          CO    
Bomberg, Craig L               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Booth, Stan                    Austin              TX    
Bornhorst, Joshua A            Little rock         AR    
Boulton, David                 Austin              TX    
Bourns, Greg L                 Mena                AR    
Bowlus, James A                Highlands Ranch     CO    
Bowlus, Marieta G              Highlands Ranch     CO    
Brammeier, Lauri               Littleton           CO    
Brancato, Janna Lyn            Bristol             CT    
Bray, Larry A                  Elkhorn             WI    
Brown, Diane P                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Brunett, Matthew L             Valley Center       KS    
Buchkoski, Michael P           Colorado Spgs       CO    
Buckett, Austin                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Bugay, Glenn                   Fort Collins        CO    
Bullock, Garland R             Austin              TX    
Burbach, Jeffrey               Peyton              CO    
Burbach, Mark                  Peyton              CO    
Bute, Jp                       Dallas              TX    
Buttenwieser, Joey             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Buxton, Brenton H              Austin              TX    
Byers, Don                     Colorado Spgs       CO    
Caccavale, Richard             Denver              CO    
Carpenter, Bill                Oakland             CA    
Cawley, Jen                    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Chagnon, Julie Jeanette        Colorado Spgs       CO    
Chaney, Andrew L               Wichita             KS    
Chavez, Chris A                Santa Fe            NM    
Chavez, Chris A                Santa Fe            NM    
Cheadle, Carmen D              Boulder             CO    
Cheadle, Matt                  Fayetteville        AR    
Cheadle, Matt                  Fayetteville        AR    
Chitel, Beth                   Highlands Ranch     CO    
Chupka, Gina                   Golden              CO    
Chupka, Gina                   Golden              CO    
Clark, Jeffery                 Glenmont            NY    
Coats, Ronald L                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Cockrell, Daniel               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Cogswell, Susan B              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Colburn, Sharon Taylor         Parker              CO    
Cole, Michael S                Rexburg             ID    
Compton, Cris                  Littleton           CO    
Copeland, Michael              Denver              CO    
Corbitt, David                 Woodland Park       CO    
Cordaro, Diana Jean            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Cordaro, Jim Peter             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Cordova, Lee                   Denver              CO    
Cottrell, Jesse Rose           Denver              CO    
Coughlin, Bradley              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Coulson, Jim E                 Canon City          CO    
Coyle, Timothy J               Denver              CO    
Craig, David                   Sherwood            AR    
Crandall, Kate E               Denver              CO    
Cupples, Ken                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Cuprisin, Carey L              Arvada              CO    
Curtis, Bradley Joseph         Colorado Spgs       CO    
Curtis, Margaret L             Mill Valley         CA    
Cusick, Brian                  Denver              CO    
Daniel, Ronnie                 Little Rock         AR    
Davis, Christopher             Minnetonka          MN    
Davis, Jason S                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
De Wijn, Alfred                Boulder             CO    
De Wijn, Alfred                Boulder             CO    
Derington, Jody M              Woodland Park       CO    
Derrick, Kathy                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Donelson, David L              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Dooley, Mary C                 Evanston            IL    
Doremus, Vincent Jeffrey       Brookhaven          MS    
Dougherty Jr, Thomas P         Houston             TX    
Draper, Christine Grief        Colorado Spgs       CO    
Dressen, Donald                Chelsea             MA    
Ecker, Monique                 Hickory Creek       TX    
Eckert, Joseph G               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Eisenberger, Michelle D        Colorado Spgs       CO    
Eldridge, Dale R               Fort Collins        CO    
Eldridge, Gary A               San Jose            CA    
Elliott, Jeff J                Wichita             KS    
Elliott, Jennifer S            Wichita             KS    
Elliott, William Leland        Colorado Spgs       CO    
Ellsworth, Chris D             Helena              MT    
Epperson, Jon O                Larkspur            CO    
Erattuparmbil, Jepson          Shawnee             KS    
Everett, Marvin D              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Evers, Bob                     Park City           UT    
Everson, Michael Patrick       Omaha               NE    
Fagin, Barry S                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Fahnline, Richard A            Evergreen           CO    
Fain, Bruce F                  Billings            MT    
Falcon, Jaime L                Breckenridge        CO    
Falcon, Kristy                 Salida              CO    
Fancher, Lincoln B             Lacona              NY    
Fancher, Will T                Lacona              NY    
Farrell, Ed                    Denver              CO    
Fenberg, Jay Allen             Cloudcroft          NM    
Fest, Robert                   Palmyra             NJ    
Fields, Diana Christine        Boulder             CO    
Fisher, Cassie Renee           Wichita             KS    
Fisketjon, Corinne M           Colorado Spgs       CO    
Fitzgerald, Erin               Portland            OR    
Flolo, Alan                    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Fornia, William B              Greenwood Village   CO    
Foster, Charles T              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Foster, Jeremy David           Lakewood            OH    
Foster, Scott                  Wichita             KS    
Foulds, Rhonda Lee             Justin              TX    
Fox, Debbie S                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Fraka, Leann                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Franz, William Gerard          Manhattan           KS    
Friday, Jeremiah               Ellwood City        PA    
Friedell, Pat                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Fuhrman, Kurt                  Denver              CO    
Furton, Alison Kay             Arlington           VA    
Furton, Joanne                 Menoominee          MI    
Gagnon, Christine              Chicago             IL    
Garcia, Jose Luis              Peyton              CO    
Garcia, Scott L                Parker              CO    
Gardner, Alex                  Lees Summit         MO    
Gardner, John N                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Gately, Gerald                 Elmhurst            IL    
Gately, Ryan                   Elmhurst            IL    
Gaunt, Arnold J                Clearfield          UT    
Gavzy, Amy M                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Geier, David                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Gibson, Bryce A                San Diego           CA    
Gilmer, Arin                   Monument            CO    
Gimarc, Charles E              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Giordano, Roger                Pueblo              CO    
Gleason, Martin J              Offerle             KS    
Glogiewicz, Fred L             Golden              CO    
Goad, Michael                  Moore               OK    
Goebel, Patrick Michael        Wichita             KS    
Goebel, Patrick Michael        Wichita             KS    
Goerzen, Stacy Nicole          Parker              CO    
Goodwell, Dean                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Gore, Timothy S                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Gorman, Mark W                 Oklahoma City       OK    
Goudeau, Tyler                 Aurora              CO    
Goulding, Phil                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Gray, William E                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Green, Travis                  Fairview            TX    
Greenbaum, Sharon A            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Greening, Carol                Osprey              FL    
Greer, Kimberly M              Larkspur            CO    
Greimann, Todd K               Centennial          CO    
Gruber, Charlie A              Golden              CO    
Gulsvig, Jessie                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Gulu, George James             Dublin              OH    
Haag, Carrie A                 Santa Fe            NM    
Haas, Taryn Rae                Pueblo              CO    
Hallmark, Jim C                Plano               TX    
Hallmark, Jim C                Plano               TX    
Haney, David R                 Black Forest        CO    
Haney, John C                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hansen, Jennifer               Cascade             CO    
Harding, Beege G               Longmont            CO    
Harrison, James E              Wichita             KS    
Harvey, Ted                    Highlands Ranch     CO    
Havlick, David                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hawley, Christine              Boulder             CO    
Hebble, Kari L                 Camas               WA    
Heckel, Lisa D                 Manitou Springs     CO    
Heggie, Ronald D               Raymond             CAN   
Heidel, Lisa M                 Belle Plaine        KS    
Heidelberg, Jim B              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Heilman, Benjamin              Warsaw              IN    
Henderson, Roger J             Boulder             CO    
Hennion, Amy                   Thornton            CO    
Hernandez, Roberto             Fort Worth          TX    
Herrera, Michael               Denver              CO    
Herrera, Saul                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Herrman, Kristy Kay            Austin              TX    
Herrman, Ryan Francis          Austin              TX    
Hewuse, Vance L                Hartsel             CO    
Hickey, Mike                   Medford             NJ    
Higgins, Patrick               Kansas City         MO    
Hill, Garry                    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hilson, Danielle               Highlands Ranch     CO    
Hippley, Kevin                 Fairview Park       OH    
Hitz, CJ                       Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hlavaty, Jana                  Dillon Keystone     CO    
Hoag, Charles J                Farmington          AR    
Hogg, Douglas                  Santa Barbara       CA    
Hokansson, Steve               Bellvue             CO    
Hoke, Robin Smith              Columbus            OH    
Holt, Ethan                    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hoopes, Arthur                 Wichita             KS    
Hopper, Matt                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hopper, Spencer                Lockport            IL    
Howe, Wendy Noel               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Howell, Bryan M                Phoenix             AZ    
Hubchik, Lisa A                Denver              CO    
Hunter, Michael                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hurley, Margaret Mary          Bel Air             MD    
Hutchison, Scott               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Hyden, Christopher             Bronx               NY    
Iaconis, Chris                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Innocenti, Rudolph             Edison              NJ    
Jagger, Thomas H               Denver              CO    
James, Lowana                  Redfern             AUS   
Janney, Jack T                 Reno                NV    
Janzen, Michael L              Wichita             KS    
Jaray, Ken A                   Manitou Springs     CO    
Jarvis, Andrew                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Jensen, Corey L                Niwot               CO    
Johnson, Jane E                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Johnson, Victoria V            Denver              CO    
Joline, Louis B                Lake Tapawingo      MO    
Jones, Richard E               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Josupait, Victoria             Littleton           CO    
Joyner, Sharon Kay             Woodland Park       CO    
Kahkoska, James A              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Karlsson, Edvin                Norrkoping          SWE   
Karp, David E                  Bennett             CO    
Kasyon, Mitch                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Keaton, Laura A                Manitou Springs     CO    
Keenan, Chris                  Boulder             CO    
Kehmeier, Jhon M               Thornton            CO    
Kilroy, Chris J                Manitou Springs     CO    
Kind, Johannes                 Brussels            BEL   
King, Thomas Patrick           Colorado Spgs       CO    
King, Thomas R                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
King, Tyler                    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kirby, Wolfgang                Kennesaw            GA    
Kircher, Sharon K              Providence          RI    
Kirkham, Derek G               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kita, Jay E                    Green Mtn Falls     CO    
Klein, Andrea C                Denver              CO    
Klein, Laura Lacroix           Colorado Spgs       CO    
Knight, Christopher David      Deerfield Beach     FL    
Kohrell, David L               Lincoln             NE    
Kolz, Matthew                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kretsch, Peter J               Derby               KS    
Kriegshauser, Heather          Woodland Park       CO    
Kristick, David M              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Krzak, Jennifer                West Des Moines     IA    
Kunkel, Forest B               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kunkel, Forest B               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kunkel, Megan J                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Kunkel, Megan J                Colorado Spgs       CO    
LaBar, Paul Marshall           Pueblo              CO    
Labosky, Ann C                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Labosky, Ann C                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Labosky, David A               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Lally, Stephen James           Alexandria          VA    
Landers, Jacqueline            Falcon              CO    
Landes, Virginia M             Lafayette           CO    
Langston, Ben                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
LaRusso, Michael               Las Vegas           NV    
Laughlin, Vickie K             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Lawrance, Julie                Albuquerque         NM    
Laws, Shaun                    Denver              CO    
Leary, Douglas                 Boulder             CO    
Leary, Rosey                   Lewisville          TX    
Lee III, William B             Idaho Springs       CO    
Leedy, Gail M                  Albuquerque         NM    
Lematta, Wesley Bart           Corbett             OR    
Lenahan, Joseph J              Roswell             GA    
Leppert, Cory E                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Leppert, Jenni L               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Leszczynski, Jori              Highlands Ranch     CO    
Levinson, Aaron M              Pueblo              CO    
Lewandowski, Darin             Parker              CO    
Lewis Holiday, Cammie          Lawrence            KS    
Lewis, Brian Jeffrey           Colorado Spgs       CO    
Liefer, Nathaniel C            Highlands Ranch     CO    
Lindsey, Randy                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Lloyd, Russell                 Omaha               NE    
Loftus, Dan                    Hays                KS    
Loftus, Joseph                 Dallas              TX    
Lothe, Colette J               Marshalltown        IA    
Luchsinger, Michael            Richardson          TX    
Luchsinger, Robert D           Dallas              TX    
Lyke, Greg                     Crystal             MN    
Lynch, Betsy                   Spokane             WA    
MacCaskill, Alexandra          Chelsea             MA    
Madden, Franklin M             Mequon              WI    
Madden, Nan M                  San Francisco       CA    
Mahon, James E                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Mahony, Emon                   Little Rock         AR    
Makurath, Paul August          Harrisburg          PA    
Mallery, Larry                 Los Angeles         CA    
Mallery, Lonny Jacob           Kings Beach         CA    
Mann, Greg A                   Albuquerque         NM    
Manuel, Steve                  Newmarket           CAN   
Margrave, Brian Davis          Colorado Spgs       CO    
Margrave, Kate Flynn           Colorado Spgs       CO    
Martin, Kay                    Phoenix             AZ    
Martindale, Jeff               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Mason, David                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Massa, Jim                     Colorado Spgs       CO    
Mathews, Gordon                Winnipeg            CAN   
Mathis, Michelle M             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Matthews, Melanie Madsen       Colorado Spgs       CO    
McAfee, Ryan J                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
McCall, Ronald K               Manitou Springs     CO    
McCaulley, Mark E              Steamboat Spgs      CO    
McDermott, Peter               Englewood           CO    
McDonnell, Megan Ann           Superior            CO    
McDonough, Christina           Colorado Spgs       CO    
McFadden, Jamie                Colorado Spgs       CO    
McGinn, Michael Patrick        Georgetown          TX    
McGinn, Michael Patrick        Georgetown          TX    
McGinty, Chuck L               Colorado Spgs       CO    
McIntosh, Jeff L               Colorado Spgs       CO    
McKee, Mitch W                 Derby               KS    
McKenzie-Young, Ray            Denver              CO    
McKernan, Thomas J             Colorado Spgs       CO    
McNiff, Riley J                Denver              CO    
Mehan, Joseph                  Lafayette           CO    
Meldrum, Schad                 Edmond              OK    
Mendoza, Christopher M         Austin              TX    
Menefee, Douglas Sager         Lafayette           LA    
Meredith, Neil                 Denver              CO    
Meyer, Christopher Francis     Colorado Spgs       CO    
Michaud, Karen Elaine          Denver              CO    
Miller, Brian A                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Miller, Casey                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Miller, Donna L                Denver              CO    
Miller, Grace                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Min, Jamie                     Broken Arrow        OK    
Mink, Terry                    Laramie             WY    
Mitchum, Johnny B              Maumelle            AR    
Mohr, Jeff W                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Moody, Nathan A                Los Alamos          NM    
Moore, Joni M                  Salado              TX    
Moore, Thomas P                Usaf Academy        CO    
Morrison, Edward R             Tewksbury           MA    
Morrow, Kathleen A             Manitou Springs     CO    
Moss, Lee S                    Salt Lake City      UT    
Murphy, Brendan Keenan         Denver              CO    
Murphy, Kelly S                Leadville           CO    
Muse, Maribeth H               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Neely, Kelli J                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Nichols, Dena                  Louisville          CO    
Niehof, Jonathan               Los Alamos          NM    
Noe, Les L                     Boulder             CO    
Noel, Annette C                Wichita             KS    
Nordhus, Brent Wayne           Vermillion          KS    
Norman, Greg                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Norris, William E              Elizabethtown       KY    
Norsky, Jessica A              Aurora              CO    
North, Michael                 Greenwood Village   CO    
Norton, Russell S              Austin              TX    
Ogdon, Steven James            Elmhurst            IL    
O'grady, Rhonda                Littleton           CO    
O'Hare, Mitch                  Loveland            CO    
O'Kane, Shawn V                San Antonio         TX    
Oliver, George Sinclair        Colorado Spgs       CO    
Ollom, Michael W               Albuquerque         NM    
Olson, Chrisana Bluesky        Boulder             CO    
Opjorden, Stewart L            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Oppenheim, Mark A              St Louis            MO    
Orfe, Christian                Longmont            CO    
Palagi, Timothy Edward         Littleton           CO    
Pallin, Kyle John              Ironwood            MI    
Papp, Steven Joseph            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Parafiniuk, Justin John        Colorado Spgs       CO    
Park, Richard L                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Parker, Philip Lee             Calgary             CAN   
Patterson, Mike                Hutchinson          KS    
Peloso, Frank A                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Peloso, Frank A                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Penn, Brian S                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Perez, Oscar                   Denver              CO    
Perkins, Mark D                Centennial          CO    
Peters, Mark Aaron             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Phillips, Jim                  College Station     TX    
Phillips, Tori                 Monument            CO    
Phipps, Candace                Golden              CO    
Piazza, Mike                   Centennial          CO    
Pierce, Jeffrey J              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Pitsch, Daniel                 Frankfurt           DEU   
Platt, Jeff E                  Canmore             CAN   
Pollitt, Annie M               Louisville          KY    
Pompeii, Dario                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Poroznuk, Jack                 Falmouth            CAN   
Potter, Jane Margaret          Centennial          CO    
Preble, Michael E              Centennial          CO    
Precious, Mark A               Larkspur            CO    
Prosser, Joseph V              Newtonville         MA    
Quintana, Jessie M             Pueblo West         CO    
Rakes, Zane D                  Albuquerque         NM    
Ramsey, Jack C                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Ramsey, Manuel L               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Rdes, Bart                     Colorado Spgs       CO    
Recca, Steve                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Reeves, Teal G                 Glenville           NY    
Reeves, Tom                    Peyton              CO    
Reger, Erin                    Denver              CO    
Reich, Marc                    Boulder             CO    
Reich, Marc                    Boulder             CO    
Reilly, Bob                    Saint Louiis        MO    
Renaud, Nicole                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Reyes, Melissa C               Littleton           CO    
Reynolds, Chris                Fort Collins        CO    
Ridgway, Kyle B                Berthoud            CO    
Rigeb, Ali                     Denver              CO    
Roberts, Timothy F             Los Angeles         CA    
Rolof, Tony Ray                Abilene             TX    
Rome, Jeff                     Livingston          MT    
Ronas, Robert J                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Rooney, Eric                   Aurora              CO    
Rosas, Barbara Burns           Colorado Spgs       CO    
Rosenfeld, Jack                Culver City         CA    
Rosov, Johanna                 Wichita             KS    
Rothenberg, Elizabeth J        Pueblo West         CO    
Routhieaux, Daniel Michael     Olathe              KS    
Rubsam, Michael                Fort Collins        CO    
Runciman, Martin               Castle Rock         CO    
Rutford, Kris                  Lincoln             NE    
Sabat, Emily Montgomery        Colorado Spgs       CO    
Saglimbeni II, Joseph A        Colorado Spgs       CO    
Sallberg, Scott A              Albuquerque         NM    
Sallberg, Scott A              Albuquerque         NM    
Sartain, Kelly Ray             Ozark               MO    
Sarten, Mike                   Lakewood            CO    
Scarpella, James Audi          Monument            CO    
Schawe, Brian                  Maize               KS    
Schenck, Kim                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Schifani, Katherine            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Scholl, Jerry W                Garden Plain        KS    
Schroeder, Heath               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Schultz, Greg K                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Schwank, Blake G               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Schwenk, Carl G                Ridgway             CO    
Secker, William Walker         Colorado Spgs       CO    
Sellers, BJ                    Lake Mary           FL    
Sharp, Ken                     Pueblo              CO    
Shavlik, David A               Roxborough          CO    
Shaw, Sam                      Boulder             CO    
Shea, Frank                    Golden              CO    
Sheldon, David C               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Shelhamer, John D              Manitou Springs     CO    
Shoulberg, Rick W              Guffey              CO    
Siff, Barry                    Boulder             CO    
Silas, Mark                    Florissant          CO    
Simon, Gerry                   Woodland Park       CO    
Skinner, Tom                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Skiver, Nathanael              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Slack, Tom D                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Sloan, Lisa F                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Smit, Aaron J                  Denver              CO    
Smit, Robert John              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Smith, Andrew M                Windsor             CO    
Smith, Barry James             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Smith, Barry Stephen           Wichita             KS    
Smith, Paul R                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Smith, Terry R                 Littleton           CO    
Smithwick, Bob T               Cascade             CO    
Solberg, Don                   Peyton              CO    
Solheim, Karsten Louis         Glendale            AZ    
Sommerdorf, Craig A            Fountain            CO    
Sova, Eric J                   Peyton              CO    
Spawr, Ryan                    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Speakman, Joseph               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Spillman, Scott                Denver              CO    
Springer, Erik                 Englewood           CO    
Steele, Vincent L              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Steffens, Timothy D            Colorado Spgs       CO    
Steidler, Tom                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Steiner, Eric R                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Steinmeyer, Kent Stephen       Manitou Springs     CO    
Stewart, Elizabeth Eleanor     Lawrence            KS    
Stirk, David                   Redfern             AUS   
Stoner, Donald John            Enterprise          FL    
Strickland, Doug               Kingsport           TN    
Strock, Larry J                Lochbuie            CO    
Stuckey, Karen L               Gunnison            CO    
Sullivan, Quentin R            Elmhurst            IL    
Sutera, Joey                   San Diego           CA    
Swanson, Kathleen              Casper              WY    
Tanselle, Tina                 Crawfordsville      IN    
Tavangar, Kamran               Lexington           MA    
Thurman, Jennifer R            Denver              CO    
Thurman, Mike B                Denver              CO    
Thurman, Skip N                Denver              CO    
Thurman, Wes                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Tippit, Dennis Michael         Houston             TX    
Tomescu, Priscilla             Denver              CO    
Townsend, Donna G              Dayton              OH    
Troost, Noel Keane             Aurora              CO    
Tucker, Vickie S               Wichita             KS    
Tudor, Thomas W                Colorado Spgs       CO    
Turnell, Robert                Centennial          CO    
Tuxhorn, Kent A                Wichita             KS    
Tyler, Jonathan Jay            Austin              TX    
Van Buren, William Edgar       Denver              CO    
Van Horn, Andrew Vincent       Parker              CO    
Van Lancker, Joseph D          Colorado Spgs       CO    
Vandersluis, Brenda Lee        Colorado Spgs       CO    
Vandersluis, Kirstan A         Colorado Spgs       CO    
Veech, Jennifer                Alexandria          VA    
Vest, Edward Jeffery           Colorado Spgs       CO    
Veteto, Robert                 Marysville          CA    
Vohland, John B                Black Forest        CO    
Vohsman, David                 Manitou Springs     CO    
Vomastic, John E               Manitou Springs     CO    
Wagar, Liza                    Colorado Spgs       CO    
Wagner, Heather Lynn           Colorado Spgs       CO    
Wakino, Paul                   Colorado Spgs       CO    
Walden, Christine Banka        Larkspur            CO    
Waller, Nat                    Santa Barbara       CA    
Walsh, Bill                    Monument            CO    
Walters, Thomas Andrew         Springboro          OH    
Walth, Mark S                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Wang, Bing                     Arvada              CO    
Warren, Robert                 Mandeville          LA    
Weimar, Chris                  Nw York             NY    
White, Ryan James              Colorado Spgs       CO    
White, Tj                      Wichita             KS    
Whitney, Chase B               Portland            OR    
Whittle, Brad                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Wiecks, Stephanie L            Palmer Lake         CO    
Wiese, Andy                    Champaign           IL    
Wiese, Doug                    Lake Havasu City    AZ    
Wilkins, Steve                 Pagosa Springs      CO    
Williams, Patre D              Little Rock         AR    
Williams, Skeeter              Cincinnati          OH    
Wilson, Cole Todd              Fountain            CO    
Wilson, Wade                   Fountain            CO    
Wirtz, Greg S                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Wolf, Joshua E                 Topeka              KS    
Wood, Connor Jacob             Colorado Spgs       CO    
Wood, Keith H                  Sultan              WA    
Wood, Keith H                  Sultan              WA    
Worsham, Chandra L             Aurora              CO    
Worsham, James D               Aurora              CO    
Wortmann, Phillip Carlton      Colorado Spgs       CO    
Wright, Fred R                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Wroten, Matthew C              Colorado Spgs       CO    
Wunderlich, Dennis Scott       Prospect            KY    
Wygant, Jennifer               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Wynd, Colin W                  Manasquan           NJ    
Wynd, Colin W                  Manasquan           NJ    
Yang, Mary T                   Canon City          CO    
Yeager, Kay A                  Colorado Spgs       CO    
Yukman, Thomas A               Colorado Spgs       CO    
Zabala, Leslie                 Colorado Spgs       CO    
Zarone, Philip W               Pittsburgh          PA    
Zoch III, Henry                Plano               TX    
Zuniga, Marco                  Durango             CO    
Zwenger, Nichole               Wichita             KS    

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