Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon

2019 Pikes Peak Ascent/Marathon Confirmation Lists

You are NOT in any Pikes Peak Race/Wave/Field or Wait List until your name is on a confirmation list! Even then, you will not be allowed to run until your qualifications are verified and you have a “Yes” next to your QLink. Do not make travel arrangements until that time.

If your qualifications can’t be verified you will have a “No” next to your QLink. If the problem is not resolved or can’t be resolved you will get an “Out” next to your QLink which means you have been removed from the race and your entry fee has been forfeited.

2018 Lists/Stats

If you find an error with your registration information, please contact the registrary by emailing [email protected]

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Pikes Peak Ascent

Pikes Peak Marathon

Pikes Peak Doublers

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