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1M  30 1/2MELDA DEAN20F5250-54EL SEGUNDOCA      4:27:40       2:13:36 6:41:161981
2M  38 1/1MELDA DEAN20F5350-54EL SEGUNDOCA      4:49:08       2:10:52 7:00:001982
3A149 4/6  MELDA DEAN20F5450-54EL SEGUNDOCA      4:42:00         1983
4M  42 1/1MELDA DEAN20F5450-54EL SUGUNDOCA      4:42:49       2:20:31 7:03:201983
5A104 1/2  MELDA DEAN20F5555-59EL SEGUNDOCA      4:27:49         1984
6M  40 1/1MELDA DEAN20F5555-59EL SEGUNDOCA      4:41:02       2:36:18 7:17:201984
7M  32 1/2MELDA DEAN20F5655-59EL SEGUNDOCA      4:24:58       2:23:20 6:48:181985
8A122 1/7  MELDA DEAN20F5655-59EL SEGUNDOCA      4:28:51         1985
9A149 2/6  MELDA DEAN20F5755-59EL SEGUNDOCA      4:39:26         1986
10M  37 1/1MELDA DEAN20F5755-59EL SEGUNDOCA      4:45:13       2:35:59 7:21:121986
11M  47 1/1MELDA DEAN20F5855-59EL SEGUNDOCA                7:45:161987
12A162 1/6  MELDA DEAN20F5855-59EL SEGUNDOCA      4:26:13         1987
13M  52 2/4MELDA DEAN20F5955-59EL SEGUNDOCA      4:53:22       2:44:56 7:38:181988
14A243 2/5  MELDA DEAN20F5955-59EL SEGUNDOCA      4:59:48         1988
15M  58 2/3MELDA DEAN20F6060-64EL SEGUNDOCA                7:54:011989
16A232 1/2  MELDA DEAN20F6060-64EL SEGUNDOCA      4:56:11         1989
17A426 5/5  MELDA DEAN20F6360-64EL SEGUNDOCA      6:30:01         1992
18A389 3/3  MELDA DEAN20F6565-69EL SEGUNDOCA      5:40:37         1994
19A390 5/6  MELDA DEAN20F6665-69EL SEGUNDOCA      5:36:55         1995
20A435 1/2  MELDA DEAN20F6765-69EL SEGUNDOCA      5:55:19         1996

Pikes Peak Race Statistics for Melda Dean:
Combined Pikes Peak Statistics:
First year run: 1981
Last year run: 1996
Number of runs: 20
Race spread: 16 years
Longest either race streak: 9 years
Last either race streak (Not Current): 3 years

Pikes Peak Ascent Statistics:
First Ascent run: 1983
Last Ascent run: 1996
Number of Ascents: 11
Best Ascent Pos: 104
Worst Ascent Pos: 435
Fastest Ascent Time: 4:24:58
Slowest Ascent Time: 6:30:01
Longest Ascent streak: 7 years
Last Ascent streak (Not Current): 3 years

Pikes Peak Marathon Statistics:
First Marathon run: 1981
Last Marathon run: 1989
Number of Marathons: 9
Best Marathon Pos: 30
Worst Marathon Pos: 58
Fastest Marathon Time: 6:41:16
Slowest Marathon Time: 7:54:01
Fastest Down Time: 2:10:52
Slowest Down Time: 2:44:56
Last/longest Marathon streak (Not Current): 9 years

Pikes Peak Double Statistics:
First Double run: 1983
Last Double run: 1989
Number of Doubles: 7
Last/longest Double streak (Not Current): 7 years

2017 Qualification Checker

Ascent qualified: No

Marathon qualified: No

Qualified for the Double: No

You need to use outside qualifications run since 2015 to enter Pikes Peak.
Outside qualifications accepted for the Pikes Peak Ascent: 1/2 and full marathons.
Outside qualifications accepted for the Pikes Peak Marathon: full marathons.
See registration page for qualification details.

QCnt: 0

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