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1M47 20/5417 17/40CLAUDE OLEYAR4M2825-29COLORADO SPGSCO      3:18:07       1:59:38 5:17:451972 *
2M100 18/5752 7/28CLAUDE OLEYAR4M3230-34COLORADO SPGSCO      3:13:44       1:57:03 5:10:471976
3M  117 15/72CLAUDE OLEYAR4M4040-44COLORADO SPGSCO      3:23:51       1:58:19 5:22:101984
4M  218 18/45CLAUDE OLEYAR4M4545-49COLORADO SPGSCO      3:48:55       2:16:33 6:05:281989

* Course 1.1 miles shorter than current Ascent and Marathon. Select year to see adjusted values.

Pikes Peak Race Statistics for CLAUDE OLEYAR:
Combined Pikes Peak Statistics:
First year run: 1972
Last year run: 1989
Number of runs: 4
Race spread: 18 years

Pikes Peak Marathon Statistics:
First Marathon run: 1972
Last Marathon run: 1989
Number of Marathons: 4
Best Marathon Pos: 17
Worst Marathon Pos: 218
Fastest Marathon Time: 5:10:47
Slowest Marathon Time: 6:05:28
Fastest Down Time: 1:57:03
Slowest Down Time: 2:16:33

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