Tips for finding your Pikes Peak results

Please register the same every year including your middle initial!!!

1) Enter just your last name!!!
2) Run the search.
3) See how you registered and then refine the search to add your First Name and MI if used.

Last name did not bring up your results?
- Did you use a formal name: Jones Jr III instead of Jones?
- Did you marry or divorce: Smith-Jones or Jones or Hicks or etc.?
- The “Like” box does nothing without a wildcard!!!

If you still can’t find your results look in the Results Archive to see how you are listed. Sometimes names just get spelled wrong!

Again, please start with just a last name!!! You can always refine your search after you see how you registered. When refining your search it is OK to skip fields.

Tips for making TOP lists

- When doing sorts on Asc, Dwn or Mar set the Year to 1976- (Current Courses).
- When doing sorts on Asc set the Race to both to include Ascents run in the Marathon.
- Blank positions and times will be listed first so set Blanks to No to exclude them.
- DNFs will be listed before positions so set DNFs to No to exclude them.

Fastest Ascent times run by 45-49 year old females:
Year: 1976-, Sex: F, Grp: 45-49, DNFs: No, Blanks: No, Sort: Asc
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Fastest Down times run by a male from Colorado Springs:
Year: 1976-, Sex: M, City: Colorado Spgs, DNFs: No, Blanks: No, Sort: Dwn
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Fastest Marathoners from Alaska:
Year: 1976-, State: AK, DNFs: No, Blanks: No, Sort: Mar
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